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What causes unintentional weight loss

what causes unintentional weight loss

To all those of you who are suffering with this mysterious affliction, first let me send you my empathy and sincere, unconditional support. I can only imagine how unnerving and worrying this can be for you. When I find a group of people who seem to respond to biofeedback, I immediately take a keen interest in the subject and especially in this case as the universe brought me two clients within as many months suffering from unintentional weight loss.

I am not a doctor or an expert in this field, but from my reading on the subject of unintentional weight loss, there are a myriad of potential causes, the most serious of which can usually be identified with tests by your doctor. Generally, anything more than a 5% weight loss over a 6-12 month period qualifies you for membership in this group. I have not yet found statistics on how many people suffer from the condition but imagine that it is quite high given the potential causes. Here are some of the ones I have read about:

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertyroidism
  • Eating Disorders
  • Tuberculosis
  • Low Appetite
  • Malabsorption of Nutrients
  • Benign GI diseases
  • Excessive Excercise
  • Psychological or emotional stress
  • Mental Illness
  • Some drugs
  • Smoking

To this list, I can add one commonality that I noted with my clients. This is their intake of caffeine either from coffee, tea, or colas. Often these clients consumed large amounts of caffeine every day and were badly dehydrated. One of the reactions to biofeedback was a dramatic reduction in their desire for caffeine and an increase in water consumption. This occurred almost immediately and their weight loss stopped that week. This was followed by a gradual weight gain over a

period of two months or more with weekly to bi weekly sessions. One client reported that she woke up at 3 AM the morning after each session and was ravenously hungry. This occurred at least twice and her weight began to shift upward gradually. One older client had lost nearly 20 pounds over a period of six months. After the first session, his weight loss stopped and two weeks later began to reverse. Within two months his weight had increased from 146 pounds to 158 pounds. At this point he took a one month hiatus from our sessions and his progress stopped but did not reverse. The improvement in his colour and overall appearance was very noticeable. I have not had enough cases to reach any conclusions, but the speed of response by these individuals was very encouraging.

Often people with unintentional weight loss want to come to me to answer the question "WHY?" because their doctors have not yet been able to identify the reason for their weight loss. I find this very understandable and sometimes, as with the caffeine link, we are able to make some connections and if the client chooses to make changes accordingly, we get some pretty dramatic shifts. Since the INDIGO is addressing over 10,000 potential stressors in the body, it is not always easy to pinpoint cause, nor is this what I am certified to do. However, it can give us clues and a sense of what is going on generally. Ultimately, identifying relevant potential health factors (nutrition, hydration, oxygenation, fitness), stopping the weight loss and hopefully reversing it if possible, are the most important outcomes. In this regard, Quantum Biofeedback seems to be very helpful and I welcome the opportunity to work with you if you choose to seek my assistance.

Blessings and good luck,


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