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What clothes should i buy

what clothes should i buy


Best Answer:   Bring many things that can be layered. I promise you, in April can be very chilly to sortof warm, and it will fluctuate during the day. Also, April=rain!

I would reccommend some

polo shirts (with a brightly colored tank underneath if it is within your dresscode. )

Perhaps a long-sleeved shirt to layer under the plain polo. It can look cute.

A zip-up track jacket style jacket, with or without hood, but I suggest with.

A pair of jeans, besides the ones that you will probably go in. Honestly, you can wear them more than once. p

A pair of sneakers with good arch support, as you will probably be walking around a lot.

About six pairs of socks and underwear, you can never have too many and you

never know when you might need to change.

A pair of khakis a nice top(make sure if you think you might be cold, something to go over it. The opposite if you get hot easily.), and comfortable, but nice shoes if you are going out to dinner.

One pair of pj pants, one pair or pj shorts, a tank, a tee, and a hoodie. You never know what the place you stay in will be like.

Toiletries, obviously. )

All of the things you bring should be mix/matchable with one or two colors the same. (black and white, etc) because you can color accent with bracelets, hair ribbons, etc to make things exciting.

Also, a comfortable bag to tote things around in. You don't want one that will cut into your shoulder or become a hassle!

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