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The Mystery Residue

Flea dirt is the tell-tell sign that your pet has fleas! Yikes! Here is everything you need to know about flea dirt and how to get rid of it.

Flea dirt is another way to tell if your pet has fleas. If you start noticing small black clumps all over their fur, it could mean that your beloved cat or dog is dealing with a flea infestation. When you notice this unsavory phenomenon, it means it's time to start upping your flea and tick prevention game with meds like Comfortis or Advantage for cats. Here’s everything you need to know about flea dirt and what it means for your pet.

Flea Dirt Explained

Simply put, flea dirt

is flea feces, which appears on your pet in small, dark clumps. It is mostly made up of the blood the flea has sucked out of your pet, and it is a clear sign that your pet has fleas!

Here’s a flea fact for you: Most flea dirt comes from female fleas, who over their lifetime will digest close to 15 times their body weight of your pet’s blood if you don’t use some sort of treatment.

Where to Find Flea Dirt

Flea dirt is usually easiest to see on the stomach of your pet. This is where their fur is the lightest color and the least thick. Flea dirt can also be found on your pet’s bedding so make sure to check there.

How to Get Rid of Flea Dirt

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