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rapid weight loss a side effect to the Mirena IUD?

what could cause rapid weight loss

Positive Experience with Mirena

I know of several people who have had the mirena fitted, myself included. None have experienced the rapid weightloss you describe, some still got periods throughout the entire 5yr time. If I were a betting person I would put your weightloss down to the postpartum depression as I had this after my first child and was at my lowest weight ever, you also mention several other reasons that could have impacted on this starting with a new baby, marital problems, stress all topped off with depression. These are gaurenteed to either cause considerable weightloss or in some people large weight gain depending on how their bodies deal with it. I was not on the mirena when I lost heaps of weight, it was purely postpartum depression. When I did get the mirena I had done so becuase I finished my family after 4 children, since getting it out I have had irregular periods and irratic mood swings so the hormone level in it helped in a positive way, turns out that at 39 I am menopausal and have been for several years so now on hormones to get the balance back but there is not enough in the mirena to help me at the stage I am at now. I would not be relying on the Mirena to assist with further weight loss it will always come back to a healthy diet and exercise.

See my post below.

Obviously proper nutrition and exercise is always going to be the best thing for weightloss. However, if a younger female has estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency,

or both, weight can be a serious issue and no amount of excerise and proper eating is going to fix that (though it will help in general, it wont fix the hormonal imbalance). So though i agree with your comment about needing to eat good and get your body moving, if there is a hormonal issue, Mirena could be one very helpful thing.

Many people do gain weight on Mirena, however, many people do not have typically have these hormonal issues. Read my post below, if you are interested.

PS im referring to a young woman who is not premenapausal as they (likely) wouldn't require as high a dose of progesterone to help the issue as someone who is menapausal or premen.

Count me in for the rapid weight loss. I have had two inserted shortly after each child was born (6-8 weeks PP). About a 16 months ago I was at the 5 year mark and it was time to

have the 2nd one out. Gyn said you can keep it in

as long as I don't get a period it's still Very effective.

I had it removed because i did start spotting a bit, but have

continued to gain and have had difficulty losing weight even

camp, plus 39 yo now. Considering having it placed again as my

experiencing extreme irritability out of no where! Makes me feel sad

how crabby I can be with loved ones. Plus I'm tired of not fitting into all my old

clothes. If there are other solutions out there how to

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