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Crown Molding Frequently Asked Questions

what degree is a gap wedge

Hi. This is Wayne Drake author of

"Crown Molding & Trim: Install It Like A PRO!"

If you are having difficulty cutting a corner and cannot find the answer in the FAQ section below, I will be glad to help.

Can I install crown on an inside corner bullnose?

What if I have bullnose outside corners on a sloped ceiling?

9. What is the best way to make a lap joint? (i.e. wall is too long for a full length of crown)

10. Can I install crown molding if I have only a miter saw, not a compound miter saw?

11. What size nail should I use for crown molding and should I use a nail gun?

12. Which miter/compound miter saw should I buy?

13. There are gaps in my crown molding joint. What did I do wrong?

14. The scale/scales on my saw is/are in 1° increments. The tables are in tenths of a degree. How do I set my saw to these settings and how do I obtain settings for corner angles like 92.5°?

16. How do I cut the wedge (transition) piece for a cathedral/vaulted ceiling?

19. How much should I charge if I install crown molding and trim as a second job?

21. How do I make a cut when the mark is on the bottom of the crown and next to the fence? I can not see the mark?

22. Why is "Lemonade" printed on each of the True Angle® tools?

23. How do I measure the corner angle for walls that are too short for even the 7" tool.

24. Why do your charts and tables have miter setting that exceed my saws miter scale?

25. On the True Angle tool, there is a sticker that says, accurate up a certain length. What does that mean?

26. What is the tolerance of the True Angle® tools and the Exact Angle® squares?

Questions About the Miter Excel Program.

1. Can I use the Miter Excel Program if I do not have Excel 97 or higher on my PC computer?

2. Why am I unable to go from page to page in the excel program?

3. Why is the Compound Miter Excel Program password protected?

4. Why am I having trouble downloading the excel program?

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