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What Have Those People On OT VII Been Doing?


Here is a new piece of insanity from the increasingly desperate regges at Flag boasting about “speed of auditing”…

Among the numerous claims is that it NOW takes  one year and six months to two and a half years  to complete Solo NOTs.

This begs the question that I am sure is blocked from the minds of the sheeple.

What have those people who have been on “OT VII” for five, ten or more years, going in session 6 times per day, been doing?

What is it that is SO MUCH FASTER now? Are they locating BTs and Clusters faster? Blowing them faster? The people that were doing hundreds of 10 minutes sessions — because they were SO BLOWN OUT they could only stay in session for a few minutes? We have all seen and heard from them over the years.  They told their astonishing wins of having persistent floating TA’s and other amazingnesses that were intended to communicate that they were somehow doing the most important thing anyone could be doing in this universe.

Was it all fake?

And no C/S or D of P noticed?

They were not really “blowing” their BT’s? And nobody noticed?

Or they weren’t really finding anything at all? And nobody noticed?

They have had dozens of “6 month checks” and in the course of those nobody figured out they were “doing it all wrong” and taking 5 times as long as “today’s Solo NOTs auditors”?

Really, all these earlier Solo NOTs auditors, including some famous names like Chick Corea and Kirstie Alley who were “On the level” for MANY years were just incompetent and doing it all wrong?But how can you BE incompetent at “blowing BT’s” — you either blow them or you don’t? There isn’t a whole lot of room for anything else to happen in a Solo NOTs session.

Were they all just making it up?

Or could this just be another arbitrary?

Is there really no end to how many BT’s you can find and “blow” and it’s simply a matter of “COB” deciding that now you are allowed to attest after 18 months rather than 18 years?

L. Ron Hubbard never finished “Solo NOTs” — and he began in 1979. How if he didn’t complete in 7 years can anyone else be “faster”? Or is it because he didnt have the “benefit” of the “new” GAG II Student Hat and Objectives so he was not “properly set up” and didn’t have a full grasp of his materials?

The cognitive dissonance of this really has no end. It spirals into an endless “Interstellar -like” black hole…

But of course, nobody inside the bubble asks these questions. Or apparently even notices. Or if they do they are just happy they don’t have to undergo the torture and pay for the 6 month sec checks for

10 years or more so keep their mouths and minds shut.

Want to be one of the first 10,000 on or through New OT VII?

Here are some facts regarding getting onto and finishing New OT VII.  This is more doable than ever before with the Golden Age of Tech Phase II!

Technical Estimate for OT Preparation auditing:

Average Tech Estimate for OT Preps for those going onto New OT VI and VII with Purification Rundown and SRD complete is 1 to 2 intensives.

OT Eligibility auditing:

Due to the Mark Ultra VIII E-meter, almost all OT Eligibility Checks for Solo NOTs are completed in 1 intensive.

As a New OT V arriving at Flag, you can be onto OT VI Part C in less than 3 weeks. This means, you will have completed, OT Preps, OT Eligibility, OT VI Part A and OT VI Part B.


a) Advanced Solo Auditor Course (New OT VI Part A)

b) OT Preparations (done concurrent to OT VI Part A)

c) OT Eligibility Check (done concurrent to OT VI Part A)

d) OT VI Part B

e) OT VI Part C

The major sections of the Advanced Solo Auditor Course (New OT VI Part A) are:

  • 13 Basics books
  • Metering (all 27 E-meter drills done 3 times through)
  • Solo Metering (all 11 solo E-meter drills done twice through)
  • Simulator (the basic auditing skills needed to solo audit through new OT VII).
  • Books already studied on any course, including extension courses, may be credited.
  • Books may be completed on extension course or in any org or mission prior to arrival at Flag.

There is no longer any testing done on the New OT VI Part A course

  • Golden Age of Tech Phase II trained auditors are credited with earlier studies, bringing course time down to as little as 3 to 7 days dependent on volume of prior training.
  • Prior training on the Golden Age of Tech Phase II Solo Course can also be credited to the Advanced Solo Auditor Course. (Again reducing time down to one week on OT VI Part A.)
  • Flag averages 7 to 12 OT VII completions a week!
  • A cross section of recent OT VII completions shows that it is now from one year and six months to two and a half years, for the majority – to get through the level.

You can go OT now easier than ever before! I can help you get there. Please call me or write anytime for anything!


Barbara Dews

Flag Service Consultant

1308 L Ron Hubbard Way

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