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How to Know if Your iPhone Is Under Warranty

how do you know when your ipod nano is charged

By Sam Costello. iPhone/iPod Expert

Sam Costello has been writing about technology since 2000. He has published articles with, PC World, InfoWorld, and Computerworld, among others. For those magazines and websites, he covered digital copyright, the rise and fall of Napster, mobile devices, and computer and network security. He has written about PDAs, monitors, and printers for Samsung's consumer websites.

Author of My iPad for Kids (2012), published by Que Publishing.

Luckily, Apple makes checking the warranty of any iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, or iPad easy thanks to a warranty-checking tool on its website.

  1. Your first step in learning your device's warranty status is to go to Apple's warranty checker tool
  2. Next, you need to enter the serial number of the device whose warranty you want to check. There are two ways to find this:
    • In the device's About menu (found in Settings -> General on devices running iOS).
    • Sync the device

      ; the serial number will be at the top of the management screen in iTunes next to the image of the device

  1. Enter the serial number into the warranty checker and click the "Continue" button.
  2. When you do this, you'll see 5 pieces of information:
    • The type of device it is
    • Whether the device is registered with Apple
    • Has telephone support expired or not (free telephone support is available for a limited time after the device was been purchased; when it expires, telephone support is charged on a per-call basis)
    • Is the device still in warranty for repairs and service?
    • Is the device eligible to have its warranty extended via AppleCare ?

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If the device isn't registered, coverage is expired, or AppleCare is available, click the button to the right of that item to take action.

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