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Cost comparison for DNA Testing

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DNA Testing Cost Options

by admin on January 28th, 2014


The current DNA testing  cost you will have to pay is dependent on just what type of testing you want or need. A simple parental test to know who is the father of a child can be as low as $29.99 at Walgreens. This is an attractive price, but it only covers the cost of the swab kit, not the actual testing of the DNA. There is an additional charge of $129 for the laboratory fees. This low cost does provide information but there is no chain of custody of the sample to the lab so the results are not admissible in a court of law.

One of the important things a person should look for before committing to a DNA testing laboratory is their credentials by a federal agency. For parental testing a laboratory in America it should be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks for the results to be admissible to a civil court. For an international accreditation the ACLASS ISO Certificate should be held by a laboratory you can use overseas with reliable and acceptable results.

The most stringent accreditation a laboratory can obtain is from the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/ Laboratory Accreditation Board. Depending on your needs and how you plan to use the results should depend on what you should demand from a laboratory and their accreditation program.

A reasonable price range for a parental or material set of test results should be between $175 and $350 for in home results. If the results are to be used in a court of law then the price range is from $400 to $600. For a case in court a ny amount below this is considered low cost and the accuracy of the results could be speculative.

If you are looking for your ancestral past then the testing procedure is very different than that for parental DNA testing. Parental DNA testing only performs a comparative test between two or more samples. Ancestral DNA testing actual identifies chromosomes on the Y – DNA and the MTDNA of the sample. A low cost Y – DNA test would identify 12 chromosomes and cost as low as $59 from Family Tree. The cost for identifying 111 chromosomes would see an increase in the price to $359. The MTDNA testing can range from $59 to $199.

The exact cost of results on your DNA is really determined by how you intend to use them. The legal parental DNA tests do cost at the upper end of the scale and do not produce any results about your ancestry. just if there is a match to another sample. To find out about your past and who you might be related to, requires the identification of your chromosomes. For men the Y-DNA and MTDNA can be tested. For women only the MTDNA can be tested. If a woman desires to know about her ancestry on the male side of her family, a sibling, uncle or grandparent’s DNA can be used for the desired results.

DNA Testing Cost for Ancestry

by admin on December 14th, 2011

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The DNA testing cost for ancestry investigation is not very high these days due to the increasing number of laboratories offering this test. Hence, people are opting for the test also as this DNA test supplies valid information about one’s origin with the help

of test results. Our ancient ancestors who migrated from Africa got distributed all over the world and they got divided into groups and subgroups. The ancestry DNA test explains us to what group our maternal or paternal lineage belonged to. The DNA testing cost is proved to be worthy at as one gets to know about his origin and the haplogroup he belongs to.

There are two charts regarding the ancestry DNA. One is the paternal wall chart and the other is the maternal wall chart. The paternal wall chart gives complete information about the ancestral procession beginning from pre-historic period. The Y chromosome in the DNA will suggest about the genetic traits.  This is because it is the Y chromosome which passes from generation to generation i.e. from father to son. Thus a detailed study about Y chromosome will expound all details about one’s ancestral lineage at a minimal DNA testing cost.

There are basically two types of DNA namely mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is inherited from mother, while Y chromosome is from father. The DNA testing cost is worthwhile when you get to know about your ancestors who survived some ten thousand years ago. Generally ancestry DBA testing would cost you some where around $20-$150 depending on the degree of precision, the kit used and the loab you are buying the service from.

The maternal wall chart describes about the ancestral lineage from the maternal side. The mitochondrial DNA is passed from a mother to her child without being shuffled in any way from generation to generation. So it maintains the purity of maternal lineage.

During reproduction, the sperm and egg are fertilized. The mitochondria in the egg pass over to the baby. If that baby is a girl, then it will pass on the mitochondrial DNA to her child. Thus the DNA testing of mitochondrial DNA tells the story of succession and provides all details about evolution of the ancestors. The mitochondrial DNA test will take you back to the inception of Homo sapiens in Africa and correctly point out your maternal ancestral lineage that existed thousands of years ago, making DNA testing cost incurred a worthwhile price to know the history of your origin.

Scientists all over the world have made a detailed study about the various groups of people who migrated from Africa to different parts of the world. They say there are about 20 haplogroups. When DNA passes from one generation to generation, it gets mixed up and thus different individuals with different characteristics are born. Yet, some parts remain unaffected like Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. The Y chromosome passes from father to son continuing the features of generation while the mitochondrial DNA passes from mother to her child. Thus Y chromosome helps us in identifying the fatherly connection to ancestry, while mitochondrial DNA test helps both men and women in tracing their maternal lineage. With recent developments in the field of DNA test the DNA testing cost has become within the reach of the masses. And many are opting for a curiosity DNA test.

The chromosome and mitochondrial DNA go through a process called mutation where there is inheritable gene markers. This helps in finding out the migration patterns of different groups. The experts of this field will take samples of your mouth swab and furnish details about the ancestor and their migratory patterns. The DNA testing cost is worthy of every penny being spent on it.

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