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What does balance the ticket mean

what does balance the ticket mean

I can try to help you in a minimal way. Don't read films but

can assist w/ report info. There is no T1 or T2 mentioned nor

specific lobes of brain. In general, it looks like a pretty gd

report radiologist did. Many are quick scan/sloppy. Your post

reads like they were trying to find things Dr didn't request.

Mri's are read by signals/spins/echoes/light/density/flairs/etc.

I can just tell you what yours kinda' means. Re: 'major flow

voids present', means the main flow vessels in your brain are

seen as `great & flowing well w/ clarity'. No back-up/blockage.

If the word present wasn't there, may mean hard to see/visually

difficult poss. do to a disease. FLAIR is a technique to attempt

to clarify an area. T1 is first test pattern for scan. T2 is 2nd

to go back to ck T1 signal of focus. T2 can separate solid from

a water retaining spot like fat/water/edema in tissue. This

technique is FLAIR. My guess is the punctate is just fat-spots

w/ alot of fluid retained in the white matter part of brain. The

lesions didn't enhance.

When they switch to FLAIR read, it turns

things now dark & they then TRY to enhance. None enhanced so I

think these are old spots of stress to tissue from perhaps the

hdaches or? I had a routine mri w/ a 1.3cm spot & after Flair,

it was determined scar tissue. I had a bleeding vessel at one

time that did damage & sealed. It was a ischemic stroke or

attack. Probably very old & I never felt it. We decided that it

was probably from a death in family w/ long term migraine from grief 10 yrs ago may have been cause. I also have scattered

punctate (fatty spots). *Most end report w/ 'cannot be excluded

or ruled out' to cover their buns. Everyone now days that has

hdaches or mri spots think they have MS. MS is usually dx'd

when things are bilateral + clinical. If you get MS 8 yrs from

now, this is a disclaimer & dropped in Neuro's lap. *Aspirin or

many pain meds cause ear-ringing & also hdache swelling. Hope

I was able to help & not confuse. Gd-luck.

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