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What does bridge the gap mean

08.07.15: jumper, male, 9:17pm, hit water, lived, died the next day.


thank you, jumpnews reporters:

08.07.15, IONTB. Skyway Bridge: All southbound lanes blocked while FHP Troopers speak with a suicidal subject at center span.

Update 9:37PM: Skyway Update: Heartbreaking. Reports that the man speaking with Troopers has jumped. Fire boat waiting down below is with victim.

08.08.15, Update Saturday 5:50PM: The man died from his injuries. He was in cardiac arrest when pulled from the water and transported to the hospital.

08.07.15, Anon, Clearwater, Fl. Looks like some type of police activity underway on bridge. Info according to FHP active calls.

08.07.15, Lisa, Bradenton, (9:40pm), Sitting at bridge now and toll bridge tender and google maps said it was police activity related to a jumper.

08.07.15, So Sad, Palm Harbor, (9:30pm, male, hit water, lived, recovered)

08.07.15, Kimberly B. facebook. The man who jumped, has survived. Not sure how lucky he is, I'm sure he is severely injured.

08.07.15, Sandi P. facebook. Jumped, rescued by fireboat, taken to Bayfront Medical Center.

08.07.15, Brian C. @skywayjumpers I was driving by there about two

hours ago and someone was sitting on the bridge and cops were surrounding them. Any word yet?

08.08.15, anon, facebook. This guy was pulled from the water by the fire boat waiting under the bridge. He was in cardiac arrest the whole time. Don't quite put him in the survive category. Only worked since they got him quickly after the jump.

08.10.15, shel, St.Pete Fl, Unfortunately we were on the bridge, seen the vehicle pulled over to the side of the road. In our mirrors we see all the police lights. Turned around, going back over the bridge. I recorded the lights hitting the yellow beams while we drove over. Then we realized we seen a gentleman sitting on the ledge of the bridge, the officers yelling at him. We were all very sad at this moment. Not being able to help, wondered what he felt was so bad that he gave up the fight. Sorry to hear he did not make it.

08.07.15, GRID 723S MEDICAL, PD6, E11, FB11, D5, T11, R11, 675, LR1 (acronyms )

08.07.15, Hillsborough Sheriff. SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2117, 0210, 4 h53m

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