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What does it mean to balance the columns on page

what does it mean to balance the columns on page

Rabbit Fever Can Infect People, Pets

A disease of wildlife called tularemia, a.k.a. “rabbit fever,” has been reported in every state except Hawaii, according to Kelly Rockwell, a third-year student at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine who co-manages the student-run Wildlife Medical Clinic. “Tularemia has been around a long time. It is getting a lot of press lately.

9 Surprising Finds in the Poisonous Plant Garden

The poisonous plant garden is educational for students, veterinarians, and pet owners With over 400,000 plant species on our earth, it’s easy to forget that each individual species has its own characteristics, just like animals do. In what we perceive as pleasant green surroundings, there may lurk deadly toxins for animals and people. Fortunately, pet.

Itchy Pets May Have Flea Allergy

Many pets are allergic to the saliva of the adult flea Most pet owners know that dogs and cats should be treated regularly

with medication to prevent an infestation of fleas, but they may not realize that even a pet receiving a flea preventive can be bitten by an adult flea and develop an allergic.

White Blood Cells in Dogs and Cats

The white blood cell count is a diagnostic tool for evaluating your pet’s health When your veterinarian runs a blood test to determine what’s ailing Fluffy, do you ever wonder what exactly all those numbers mean? A simple blood test provides a lot of information about your pet’s health status. Among other things, the blood.

Safe, Stress-free Travel with Pets

People are on the go, and increasingly, they are taking their pets along for the ride. While some pets seem born to ride, for others the loud noises and strange motions involved in traveling can be a real problem. Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, a veterinarian at the University of Illinois Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine with.

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