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What does pk mean in betting

what does pk mean in betting

What Does Fade Mean In Sports Betting and Wagering?

by Doc's Sports - 10/11/2014

A fade in sports betting is simply to wager against. You could fade a team, or fade another bettor. We’ll look at each variation in turn.

To fade a team means to bet against them in any game they are playing. Because of your handicapping you could become particularly negative about how a team is playing at the moment. Injuries, lack of talent, poor coaching, lacking chemistry, tough travel, or whatever other factors could conspire to make it very difficult for them to win or cover spreads at the moment. It could be, then, that betting against them - or fading them - could make sense in almost any situation and at almost any price. This could be the case until one of two things happen - they start to play better on a consistent basis, or the betting public starts to realize how bad they are and jump on their anti-bandwagon, thereby betting the value out of them.

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To fade a bettor is to figure out what team that bettor is betting on in a certain game and to bet on the opposite team. You

make the bet for no other reason than it is the opposite of what the other bettor is making. It could be, for example, that there is a very vocal poster on a betting forum that you read. He shares all of his bets, and never seems to pick any winners. The best betting opportunity could be just to do the opposite of what he does.

There are some handicappers out there who base their philosophy around fading the public. You can usually figure out how the public is betting in a particular game - especially if that public action is heavily weighted to one side. Some handicappers will bet against the public because they believe that the public doesn’t make sound betting decisions, or else they will downgrade a bet that they were planning to make if they find they are on the same side as the public.

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