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How do you start an opening statement

how do you start an opening statement


o′pen•ness, n.


  1. Closed [a newspaper] up like a surgeon closing an incision above an inoperable truth —Elizabeth Spencer
  2. The door is closed like the shutter of a stalled-out camera —Thomas McGuane
  3. It [a door] came [open] easy … like a ghost had blown it open from inside —Jay Parini
  4. Locked up tighter than Dick’s hatband —Richard Ford

Ford’s simile used to describe a home business that’s not open, is a takeoff on the American colloquialism generally linked with stinginess.

  • Open and shut as if cast from the shadow of a fallen angel’s wing —Anon
  • (The elevator doors) opened suavely, like an expensive cream sliding smoothly on a flawless face —Judith Martin
  • (Let your mind) open like a clam when the waters slide back to feed it —Marge Piercy
  • Opens like a summer rose —George Garrett
  • (In love we) open wide as a house

    to a summer afternoon —Marge Piercy

  • (Wake up please) open yourself like a little umbrella —Donald Justice
  • (Our room was closed off and) sealed, like a grave inside a pyramid —Yehuda Amichai
  • [Emotions] sewn up tighter than a Victorian daughter’s drawers —Roderic Jeffries
  • Shut down (the long Minnesota winter) like the white lid of a box —F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Shut firmly in like a trunk locked up when the key is lost —Eibhlin Dhubh Ni Chonnaill
  • [Window-blinds] shut like an eye that sleeps —H. G. Wells
  • Shut tight as a drum —Anon
  • Shut up like a rabbit trap —Noel Streatfeild
  • (J. B’s face) shut with a snap like a rat-trap —Gavin Lyall
  • (A world had opened and) was closing … like a curtain being silently drawn —John McGahern
  • open

    3. used after other verbs


    open to the elements/to attack → esposto /a alle intemperie /all'attacco

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