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How do you withdraw a bid on ebay

how do you withdraw a bid on ebay

The Accommodation & Hospitality Tax Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday August 26, 2015 at 4:00PM in Council Chambers at 120 N Fraser Street, Georgetown, SC.

City crews are regularly having to make utility cuts into the street to repair broken water and sewer lines. Once the utility repair is made, City crews will backfill with the base material and pack the excavated area according to SCDOT regulations. The City may put down a cold asphalt patch (“blacktop repair”) as a temporary solution, but the permanent asphalt paving requires a hot asphalt mix. It can sometimes take months before the final asphalt paving. The reason for this delay is because of the way asphalt paving services operate.

The City request bids annually for asphalt paving services that includes all patching and small paving jobs of utility cuts. The closest hot asphalt plant to Georgetown is in Conway. Normally, the City’s contractor comes in once per month and permanently repairs all utility cuts based on the list that the City provides. The contract is let on a square foot basis, which means the contractor may skip a month to batch the work to make it more cost efficient for the City. Also, the asphalt plants do not operate during the cold months making it a seasonal business.  It is frustrating that it can take so long to get these street repairs complete, but the City is at the mercy of asphalt paving services. The City is always looking for ways to efficiently improve services.

In advance of SC DOT’s reconstruction of Fraser Street (Hwy 17) between the Five-Points intersection and Highmarket Street, the City will begin relocating water, wastewater and electric utilities in corridor. Construction is scheduled to begin the week of July 13 with the closing of Highmarket Street between Fraser and Dozier. For more information, road closure schedule, and updates, go to

The website redesign project has been in development for the past few months and made live today (4/17/15). The goal of the project was to improve

access to information for residents, businesses and visitors alike that is available 24/7. We want the site to be the first stop for our local community. We’ve have added a lot more content and have plans to include even more. We’ve also tried to provide multiple ways to find information to make it easier. We’ve included a Facebook feed for official communications from the City. We encourage all residents to follow the Facebook account because it will be a primary source for us to communicate emergency and pertinent local information like closings, water breaks, changes in trash pickup, etc. We also have plans to add a few new features like a more intuitive Citizens Request Feature that will make reporting issues to the City much easier. We are still in the process of revising forms to make them fillable and we will accept them online if possible. The website will always be a work-in-progress, continuously being updated and improved. The ultimate aim of the project is to leverage new technology to be a more effective and efficient government. But we understand that everyone hasn’t embraced technology, smart phones and social media, so you’ll still always be able to call or visit us in person.

Please experience our new site, but understand there may be some links and pages that still need to be fixed.

The Housing & Community Development Department is looking for a citizens to serve on our Construction Board of Appeals (CBA).  The board members needed is one Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer.  Applicants should contact the Housing & Community Development Department at (843) 545-4010.  Please help the City of Georgetown by serving your community.

The City of Georgetown is looking for a few citizens to serve on our Community Appearance Board (CAB).  This board looks at the design, architecture, and landscaping of our Mass Corridor Overlay District (MCOD) that runs along the main streets throughout the City.  If you would like to help by serving your City, please give us a call at the Housing & Community Development Department (843) 545-4010 or download the application here .

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