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What is a balance charger

SKYRC B6 mini is the small and upgraded version for well-known IMAX B6. Compared with B6, it is has new features and functions with its super compact size. Smaller size, bigger power. Compared with B6, the power and charge current are 20% up. Users could connect B6 mini to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. What's more, users could also use it as Lithium Battery Meter and Battery Internal Resistance Meter.

SKYRC B6 mini is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types, with integral equalizer for six-cell Lithium- Polymer (LiPo), Lithium-Ferrum (LiFe) and Lithium-Ion (LiIon) batteries; maximum 6A charge current and maximum 60W charge power.

One of the main feature from B6 Mini is.

"SKYRC B6 mini employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer. It isn't necessary to connect an external balancer for balance charging."

Which means the charging time should be faster and more accurate than iMax B6.

The iMax B6 we are selling is supplied directly by SkyRC and shipped with the Anti-Fake Label which

you can check via SkyRC website for "Genuine Product". Buy Smart!

Please visit SkyRC Website for more information:


60W is required)

  • Discharge circuit power – 5w
  • Charge Currunt – Max 6A
  • Discharge current – 0.1-2A
  • Lipo/Life/Lilon Battery cell count – 1-6S
  • NiMH/NiCd Battery cell count – 1-15s
  • Pb battery – 1-10P (2-20v)

    ** Although many chargers have a discharge function for balancing (or for Storage Mode) but it is usually limited to 5W only which is a joke (5W is too low). Because if you discharge a battery with large capacity, then you need to wait for a terrible long time (usually the charger will timeout the operation after a period of time). If you need the discharge function, please consider to buy the RCX 150W Discharger OR RCX 50W Discharger. They work super fast for balancing and discharging.

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