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Crashlytics July Update

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With summer in full swing, our team turned up the heat this month shipping new features and performance upgrades under the hood that will help you build the best apps even faster.

Making NDK builds run faster

Just a few months ago, we released our official support for Android NDK crash reporting . In addition to bringing the best of our Java-based Android crash reporting to native code, we’ve made enabling NDK support completely seamless with just a few lines of code. But we didn’t stop there. In July, we made our symbol generation process even more efficient which allows us to dramatically reduce the time to build. Now sit back, relax and watch your native crash reports roll in!

Fine-tuning performance and stability

In July, we were

heads down making improvements to our iOS SDK, bringing enhanced reporting stability and speed to your iOS apps. First, we made significant improvements to logging performance that increased speeds dramatically. Next, we quickly identified and worked around an early iOS 9 bug and, while we were in there, we made improvements to increase our defensiveness around reading binary image metadata.

We’re working on much bigger upgrades and enhancements, so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

Here’s our internal changelog:

  • Added CocoaPods support as a way to manage Fabric dependencies

Increased logging speed by improving performance of CLSLog and CLSNSLog

Fixed issue with extra LLVM internal symbol in static library causing duplicate symbol errors when linked alongside other code or libraries built with Bitcode enabled

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