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Great Cleanse

By mpisanelli - December 17, 2012

Last Year I decided to try the cleanse. Im a current chiropractic student, and Standard Process is regarded very highly in our network of Vitamins/ supplements. As a future health care professional I want the best for my patients, but would never suggest anything that I haven't participated in. A.

Last Year I decided to try the cleanse. Im a current chiropractic student, and Standard Process is regarded very highly in our network of Vitamins/ supplements. As a future health care professional I want the best for my patients, but would never suggest anything that I haven't participated in.

A little about me: For the most part I have been a very healthy person. I've been running for about 12 years now, and eat very healthy. I haven't had a weight issue, as Im 6ft and weighed 168 at the time of start of the cleanse. My purpose was purely experimental, to see if the claims of the product were true. I consulted a professor who does many studies for standard process and worked with her to work out a nutrition program. I have a high caloric expenditure because I also train for half marathons. She at first suggested not participating, because I need close to 4500 calories a day with my 2-3 hours of training I do a day.

This cleanse I think is very simple and easy to follow. For me, I had to suggest the amount of servings. It suggests a 1/2 cup of cooked whole grain brown rice or a sweet potato. I had to up it to a cup of rice and the baked sweet potato. Other than these mild modifications I followed cleanse to the tee. Things noticed off the bat were days 2-3 were a struggle, with my body adjusting to the decreased caloric intake, and also the cleanse itself. Even though I eat pretty healthy, I didn't eat a lot of vegetables, not that I don't like them, I just never prepared them. Also days 2-3 were the hardest for cravings. I don't think I've ever wanted a juicy burger more, than those first few days. However After the initial "shock" to your system.

After the first 11 days (the no meat/dairy section) I had lost about 12 lbs. I started regaining my energy again. (My day consists of waking up at 5am and running until usually 7-7:30) and then Im in class from 8am-6. From there I cook dinner and then go to the library for a few hours. ) Even with the busy schedule, I found it completely possible to get all the cooking and preparing for the meals. I think the longest part was baking the sweet potatoes.

Over all I was able to get more longer lasting energy throughout the day. Usually I would start to crash around lunch time, and take a quick 20-30 min nap between classes. After the cleanse I wasn't taking naps. (however I did get really tired the first 3-4 days while my body adjusted.) As stated I lost 12lbs the first 11 days, and then lost another 6 lbs the second 10 days. I think it was hard for me to measure out the proper serving of meat. I know that 4 oz is roughly the size of a deck of cards. But as my training continued to get harder, I felt my body needed more than the 4oz a meal. Which could account for the lessened weight loss later in the program.

Things I enjoyed about the cleanse:

1. This cleanse is designed to help you break your bad habits of eating. And helps you gain better ones. I noticed that

I was looking at a lot more variety of vegetables. Even when going out, was ordering more healthy foods, even after the cleanse.

2. I wasn't going for weight loss, but it helped me cut out some of the fat that I had, which helped me with racing, but someone with weight problems this can really help. I've heard of astonishing accomplishments from people who have lost 40+ lbs on this cleanse.

3. It has an ability to adapt to anyones needs. Leaving an unlimited amount of foods to eat of veggies and fruits.

4. My mental clarity improved drastically. I was having more productive study sessions, and not having my mind wonder during class during the long days.

Things I didn't care for the cleanse:

1. I think the ending stage where you begin to start to reintroduce foods, was a little unstable. I'm not sure how Standard Process could better execute it, but I think the description was kind of skimped. The entire cleanse is completely laid out infront of you, then at the end they say just reintroduce a new food every three days. I think better laying out instructions, and having a plan, will help people better with the reintroduction.

2. Cost. I got a 30 dollar discount with the product for being a chiropractic student. The initial price, I think of 200 its about average for a cleanse like this, but the cost of vegetables is kind of high. I found myself spending close to 70-80 a week just in fruit and vegetables. So someone on a tight budget or a family, may have trouble affording this.

3. The amount of pills. Reading through these reviews, I think this was the number one complaint. It is over whelming, especially if someone has their own prescription pills to take as well. I think the first 11 days you're taking close to 30-40 pills a day. At first I was taking them individually and then started taking them at 5-6 pills at a time. Many times I almost choked on them. A friend suggested breaking the pills open and mixing them with the shakes for the meals. And suggested also if the flavor was to unbearable to add a tsp of honey into the shakes. I can't comment on it, because I was already done with the cleanse.

4. I found that If you cooked in bulk, ex: I started cooking 3-4 days worth of sweet potatoes, and a weeks worth of rice, it helped cut down on cooking times. Which I find that is a huge complaint as well.

Overall I think the cleanse is very good. It is a lot of work, and puts your body though a great detox. But I think people get the wrong idea about cleanses. In most cases they're helping getting particles out of your body that are inhibiting it from running at optimal strength. As these toxins are removed, your body runs more efficiently. Cleaning out the liver, kidneys, thyroid, and other organs will help boost the energy, and health of yourself. But I think, people need to also know that with this, you also have to continue to work hard after the cleanse to keep your weight goals where you'd like. The weight loss is a byproduct of your body functioning better, and the decreased caloric exercise. Proper exercise is needed as well. This is a great introductory program, to get you to lose weight, begin proper eating habits, and to help level out homeostasis of the body. Once building this foundation, great health can be obtained from continuing what the cleanse teaches, of proper eating.

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