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Sample Closing Statement

Below are sample closing arguments in personal injury cases. We have also included a sample PowerPoint presentation that was used recently in a closing statement in a personal injury case.

Some quick advice on giving a good closing statement. First, do not summarize all of the evidence, particularly in a trial that lasted less than a week. Even the best trial lawyers who write about closing often throw in some trite advice about summarizing the key evidence. But it is just a bad idea. Second, view your close as a chance to give jurors that support your client ammunition to argue for him in during deliberations. Third, try to use the specific language of the law given to the jurors by the judge to your favor. Jurors correctly want to follow the law. Give them a chance to do so.

Finally, this is your best chance to step out of your suit and be a human being. Talk to the jurors like real people. Look them in the eye. Speak directly to them in plain, simple language. Prepare your closing with precise detail but make sure you are speaking as a person from the heart.

More Samples for Malpractice and Accident Lawyers

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