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What to Study for the Customs Broker Exam

Update: 8/23/12

I just recently updated the "Most Tested" spreadsheet and uploaded it to the website. The spreadsheet now includes the answers from last April's test. Also, I updated the tables in this post to reflect the new spreadsheet. Download the new spreadsheet in its entirity by clicking on the button at the bottom of the post.

Today's Exam

Twice a year, all over the country, Customs professionals take the Customs Broker License Examination. From what I've heard, last April's exam was one of the harder ones in recent memory. A commenter in one of our past posts believed that the passing rate was probably in the single digits. Best of luck to those that take the exam, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Next Exam is in October

For those of you taking (or retaking) the customs broker exam in October, we have written several blog posts on how to prepare for the customs broker exam .

What should you study?

The exam is comprehensive and you should be familiar with the study materials. However, some sections are tested more frequently than others. To increase the effectiveness of your study and the speed

at which you can answer the exam questions, you should focus your studies on the material that is most likely going to appear on the exam.

With 80 questions to answer in 4 hours, you have about 3 minutes per question. Needless to say, you need to be strategic with how you study for the Customs Broker Exam. Reading through the material cover to cover and retaining the information in your brain is not a possibility (at least not for me). The goal of your study should be to get quick at looking up information in the HTS and 19 CFR.

Most Tested Material

I created a workbook for the express purpose helping Customs Broker Exam takers identify the most important sections of 19CFR and HTSUS to study. I compliled 15 years worth of the past exam answer keys into the workbook so that I could count the number of times each section of the study materials is referenced. Here are the top five results for the "most tested" CFR Parts, HTS Sections, General Notes, HTS Chapters, and HTS Headings. They are ranked according to the number of times that part, section, or chapter appears in answer references.

Most Tested CFR Parts:

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