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What is a dial indicator

what is a dial indicator

what is the name of this dial indicator attachment?

Clive603 said: 04-17-2014 08:42 AM

You mean something like Starretts 670 A & B Indicator Hole Attachments and 671 Universal Attachment. That said I always knew the 671 style beast as a Right Angle Attachment as that was the name given when I was first shown one.

Originally Posted by Clive603

tnmgcarbide said: 04-17-2014 09:23 AM

while they can make-do

in a pinch. a stem indicator w/ this gadget has to have tremendous force compared to a test-lever indicator. i have a federal apparatus. with

needle bearings and a pear-shaped (anti-cosine?) tip. it sucks. no matter which indicator i clamp it to ( mitutoyo 1". helios 20mm. china no - name)

it's difficult to use. it does come in handy when setting up on a deep bore - when the bestest or last word 711 won't reach. but the heavy force

needed to drive the thing has to distort any expected accuracy.

i'd suggest buying a proper cheapo test indicator over a cheapo widget .

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