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What is a dml statement

what is a dml statement

Solution to "cannot perform a DML operation inside a query"?

I am using a Data Analysis tool and the requirement I have was to accept a value from the user, pass that as a parameter and store it in a table. Pretty straighforward so I sat to write this

I executed this in SQL Developer using the following statement

It worked fine, and the value was inserted into the table. However, the above statements are not supported in the Data Analysis tool, so I resorted to use a function instead. The following is the code of the function, it compiles.

Once again I tried executing it in SQL Developer. but I got cannot perform a DML operation inside a query upon executing the following code

My question is - I need a statement that can run the

mentioned function in SQL Developer or - A function that can perform what I am looking for which can be executed by the select statement. - If it is not possible to do what I'm asking, I would like a reason so I can inform my manager as I am very new (like a week old?) to PL/SQL so I am not aware of the rules and syntaxes.

P.S. How I wish this was C++ or even Java :(

I need to run the function on SQL Developer because before running it in DMine (which is the tool) in order to test if it is valid or not. Anything invalid in SQL is also invalid in DMine, but not the other way around.

Thanks for the help, I understood the situation and as to why it is illegal/not recommended

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