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What is a forward lookup zone

what is a forward lookup zone

How do I forward ports on a Comcast SMC 8014 w/ a static IP? (Doesn't seem to work?)

I'm trying to set up port forwarding with my Comcast cable modem, an SMC 8014. Normally this is pretty straightforward (give a port range, tell it to forward to a LAN IP) but for some reason it doesn't seem to be passing traffic through on this box. (

  1. I have Comcast business-class cable Internet with 1 static IP address
  2. They gave me an SMC 8014 gateway
  3. My laptop is plugged into the gateway via an ethernet cable
  4. My laptop gets an IP like
  5. I logged into the 8014, went to the admin page (Firewall settings -> Port Configuration tab -> Port Forwarding menu), and added a

    forwarding rule for a public range 4000-4000, and a private range 4000-4000, all protocols, and used my LAN IP

  1. If I go to my public IP is indeed my gateway IP, e.g. 173.x.x.x
  2. I can ping the public IP, e.g. ping 173.x.x.x
  3. If I run a web server on my laptop, at say port 4000, I can go to my LAN IP just fine, e.g.
  4. If I try to get to web server from the gateway it fails, e.g. http://173.x.x.x:4000

. Is there something I'm missing? Is there something else I have to do?

(Note: I did notice that on the Port Forwarding rule I created I could not click the Enable box and get it to stay "on".)

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