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wtf is a box gap?

1 August 2012

Hanging out on Facebook the other night, I came across a new community page that nine of my friends (and 40,000 other people) had recently Liked – the ‘Box Gap’ community page. ‘What’s a box gap?’ I asked my boyfriend’s housemates. One laughed. ‘Don’t worry, you probably have one,’ he said.

Well, it turns out I’m behind the times. According to the thousands of recent images and articles I found online, a box gap – or ‘thigh gap’ as it’s usually called – is very literally the space between a girl’s thighs. And according to many of the articles, ‘guys won’t date you if you don’t have one’. One “fitness” article warns, ‘You DON’T want to be working out your thighs and making the muscles bigger.’ Another article advises, ‘to measure your thigh gap, stand with your soles together.’ On Tumblr, bloggers are posting about how ‘gross’ the Olympic gymnasts look without thigh gaps. One blogger wrote that she couldn’t sleep at night because she could feel her ‘legs rubbing together’. Type ‘thigh gap’ into Google Images to

find thousands of half-naked photos girls have uploaded to show the world they have one. Some even have before/after pictures from a diet regime…Seriously?

Some (obvious) pointers about the ‘thigh gap’:

  • The space between a girl’s thighs is determined by how wide her hipbones are, which is about as changeable as her shoe size.
  • There is no ‘normal-sized’ thigh gap. We’re all made differently.
  • Anyone who judges you on your ‘thigh gap’ is an idiot.

Now, I’m not pointing any fingers here. I don’t know if the creator of the Facebook page is male or female, and from what I can see online, the thigh gap craze is largely female-driven, with women instructing women how to get/measure/flaunt their own thigh gap. However, the fact that there are now thousands of women out there not only trying to be skinny but trying to increase the space between their legs is rather troubling to me.

What do you think of the thigh gap (box gap) craze? Tell us your thoughts below!

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