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What is a gentlemens bet

what is a gentlemens bet

Are you currently or have you previously been a victim of Freemason wrong doings or common purpose victimisation.

Freemasonry hides behind the guise of charity fund raising and the like while its true purpose is a network of self serving individuals who swear an oath to Freemasonry.

Freemasonry has infiltrated Police, bank managers, politicians, courts and the justice system and almost all parts of government in one form or another.

Have you had your business overdraft withdrawn for no apparent reason, you accountant given you poor information, been followed and stalked. this is probably the work of Freemasonry.

Other more extreme examples of their activities include destroying peoples lives. Once an individual is targeted the campaign will begin with gathering as much information about you as possible. Where you go, who you socialise with and so on. Then next step will be to slander you; using this tactic to isolate you, once this is done they are free to carry out their evil work.

This will begin with people talking over loudly about your affairs, phone conversations or other personal things that should be privileged information. This will then escalate to trying to loose you your job by slandering you to your employer. If this doesn't work your work colleagues may well be recruited to make life very difficult for you at work. While this is happening you may find you car tampered with, your post being held back or items in your house being moved while you are out.

The general strategy is to isolate you, gather information to use against you, "Gang Stalk" you g-080708020607 this link is the testimony of another individual who is suffering from organised targeting carried out by Freemasonry or common purpose networking. HiddenEvil.pdf this link explains some of the activities i have witnessed being used by Freemasonry include; investigations. surveillance, convoys. i have had all of these targeted against and the article a very accurate depiction of Freemasonry tactics.

The aim of the targeting is silent murder, attempting to drive you to suicide. if you air you concerns about being

followed or people talking out loud about your personal affairs you will most probably be labeled as schizophrenic or psychotic and institutionalised.

All it takes is for one of these people (a Freemason) to take a serious disliking to you and your life will be destroyed or you may even be killed in what looks like a road accident, a case of mistaken identity, supposedly bungled burglary or driven to suicide. this of course would not be investigated properly because of Freemasonry police connections.

Many police officers at all levels are Freemasons and put their oath to Freemasonry before anything else. Once you are targeted the police won't help any may even collude. Freemasonry allso have affiliations with criminal gangs and will use these as a cover for their wrong doings, believing that things cannot be traced back to Freemasonry.

MI5 are said to be the one constant in UK governance, as govenments come and go MI5 are constant. the other two constants are the Monarchy and Freemasonry. MI5 are intrinsically inked to both and will assist directly on behalf of Freemasonry and the criminal gangs associated with them.

When called upon elements in MI5 will assist in targeting, this combined with the vast amount of dirty money avilable through freemaonary is a very powerful tool; often targeted against one individual.

If you are or have been a victim of any kind of Freemasonry/common purpose targeting then i would very much like to hear your story and provide a support network. [email protected]

Please forward a link to this blog to anyone whom you may suspect as being a victim of masonic or common purpose targeting.


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