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How does a helicopter move forward

how does a helicopter move forward

"The computer book of the month is The Bios Companion by Phil Croucher. Long-time readers of this column will recall I have recommended his book before. This tells you everything you ought to know about the BIOS in your system. Post codes, options, upgrades, you name it.

Years ago, I called an earlier edition of this invaluable and I see no reason to change my view. Recommended."

Byte Magazine

"Its real value lies in taking the plethora of booklets and ring-bound photocopies associated with commercial examinations and condensing them into an attractive and portable form. The guy really does deserve a medal

he has made a genuine contribution to the body of professional aviation literature assembled during the course of the last century.

I heartily recommend it to students of commercial flight, if only as a souvenir of their efforts. "

Colin Hilton

Professional Pilot's Rumour Network

"(The) Book is quite a good compliment to our notes for students. We will be recommending all our students buy the books. "


Naples Air Centre

"a much needed summary of all the "basics" we live by. It sure is great for an old timer to see how all the things we had to find out the hard way in the 60's and 70's can now be found in a book. A great reference tool."

Robert Eschauzier

"A good insight into the working life of a pilot"

"In short. great book! Thankfully your book illuminates many of the practical aspects of flying rotorcraft that are missing from the intro texts used during training.

I'd equate much of the valuable practical information in your book to the same valuable information found in "Stick and Rudder."

Ian Campbell

"The chapters covering your experiences and showing 'the real world' of helicopter ops is a worthwhile addition to any pilots library and knowledge bank."

Cheers & Beers


". an excellent book for pilots interested in a career as a helicopter pilot. It answers all the really hard questions like "how does a young pilot get the required experience without having to join the army for 10 years". Great book for anyone interested in fling- wings!"

Reilly Burke

Technical Adviser

Aero Training Products

"Having only completed 20 hours of my CPL(H) in Australia, a lot of the content was very new to me. Your writing style is very clear and flowing, and the content was easy to understand. It's made me more eager than ever to finish my training and get into it. It's also opened my eyes as to how much there is to learn.

The section on landing a job was excellent, especially for this industry that seems so hard to break into."

Philip Shelper

"Picked up The Helicopter Pilot's Handbook on Friday and have already read it twice. How you crammed that much very informative info into 178 pages is totally beyond me. WELL DONE. What a wealth of information, even though I only have a CPL-F. OUTSTANDING. I'm starting it again for the third time because I've picked up so much more the second time, that I'll read certainly a dozen more times. I can't wait to apply a lot

the ideas and comments that you have supplied.

My wife is totally blown away that I've read it cover to cover twice and going around for a third time. She said it must be an outstanding book as I need real mental stimulus to keep me going.

Have a great nite and thanks for the excellent read."


". provides many insights that wouldn't appear in the standard textbooks.

The next part of the book deals with the specialised tasks that a jobbing pilot may be called upon to do. It covers a very wide range of tasks from Avalanche Control through Aerial Photography and Filming; from Wildlife Capture to Winter Operations; from Pipeline Survey to Dropping Parachutists. This is not an exhaustive list of what he covers. If you need to know then it's probably here. The information given is good, practical and down to earth. It is exactly what you need to know and written from the pilot's point of view.

For anyone with some practical experience of helicopter operations it is worth a read. For someone who is going into civvie street and intends to fly then it is definitely worth a read. For anyone who intends to be a 'jobbing pilot' it could be invaluable as a source of reference."

Colin Morley

Army Air Corps

"Your book is very good and has been read by a few of the guys here with good 'raps'. particularly the Info on slinging etc. is stuff that is never covered in endorsement training. Certainly a worthwhile addition to any pilot library."


"I have only skimmed through the first version. Its already answered and confirmed a few things for me. Just the type of info I am after."

Andrew Harrison

"Phil Croucher has approached the complex and intricate subject of becoming a professional pilot in a readable colloquial style."

Christopher Orlebar, MRAeS

Aerospace Magazine

"_should have appeared 20 years ago. It would have saved many prospective pilots lots of anguish and budding Air Taxi Operators lots of money - there is much useful technical information, making the book suitable reference material for most pilots, from airline to PPL instructor, including helicopter pilots - easy reading, even when it comes to weighty matters such as air and company law - in a style that actually makes it worth reading - performance made easy - "

Mike Richards

Flyer Magazine

". an intriguingly cynical attitude towards the official documentation which he tries, in this chunky book, to turn into something the average pilot has a chance of understanding. He makes a pretty good job of this task too.

Most pilots could benefit from taking to heart an astute quotation contained in the introduction:

"Never allow your ego, self-confidence, love of flying, pressure from a customer, boss or co-pilot, or economic need to interfere with your good judgement during any stage of a flight. There is no amount of pride, no thrill, pleasure, schedule or job that is worth your licence or your life and the lives of your passengers." (John Bulmer).

And, believe me, there is a great deal more of value than just that maxim that readers will get out of this witty yet professional publication."

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