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You have landed here to make a claim by being referred from your local Insurance Broker's website which recommends many local companies who will look after your insurance claim and more importantly, will look after you as you are so much more than just an insurance policy.

All you have to do is select one of the categories around the Insurance and Legal board and you can then find local businesses that will be delighted to help you to have your car repaired, in the event of a personal injury claim or if you need a local roofer or plumber.

Alternatively, just type your postcode or preferred local Insurance Broker's name into the search area to the left and we'll put you straight in touch with your local Insurance Broker.

Your insurance policy and local Insurance Broker will look after your car insurance claim with a local carbody work repairer and your insurance policy. If you have a personal injury and need to make an accident insurance claim, we can help you with personal injury claims with our panel of personal injury lawyers.

Insurance and Legal, not to be confused with Legal and General Insurance, helps local Insurance Brokers to help local Insurance Brokers' clients to receive the high level of service they deserve when they need to make a claim, with a Car Bodywork Repairer for example.

Insurance Brokers seek to retain clients ("the Insured") and also to gain new Clients.

With increasing competition from web comparison sites, the Banks continuing to offer insurance through their associated companies and the largest insurance companies in the world acquiring Brokers, local Insurance Brokers who have served their Clients faithfully for decades continue to thrive where the service they offer outshines their competitors.

Insurance and Legal purely supports local Insurance Brokers by keeping claims local.

How it works

Insurance and Legal’s system works by the local Insurance Broker adding a link to his or her website entitled claims. As and when a Client requires any time of claims assistance, after contacting his

local Insurance Broker, the Client can be directed to the Insurance Broker’s website (which also builds traffic to the Insurance Broker’s own site) and click on the Claims tab. Behind the tab, personalised to the Insured’s own Insurance Broker, a screen displaying local businesses delighted to serve the Insurance Broker’s clients are displayed.

The Insured can select from local Car Bodywork Repairers, Personal Injury Solicitors, Roofers, Plumbers, Builders etc. who all specialise in local insurance work.

The links take the Insured to the specialist’s own website and the whole process is tracked to allow interrogation of the progress of any claim at a later date.

The specialist, whether a builder, plumber, local Solicitor or Car Body Repairer, sees the Insured originating through the Broker’s website and is aware that the Insured has been recommended to his or her services and that the Client has chosen to deal with a local insurance Broker. The specialist will then handle the Client and act accordingly, in the knowledge that every successful repair, claim or piece of advice reflects both the expertise of the specialist and the Broker who referred the Insured.

Successful claims resolution leads to more clients being retained and gained by the local Insurance Broker and the specialists.

Benefits to the Insured i.e. the Clients

Clients seeks quicker ways to access information and the local Insurance Broker’s website can be built and the required specialist’s details quickly and easily retrieved if the Insurance Broker refers his or her clients to the Claims tab on the Insurance Broker’s website

Benefits to local Insurance Brokers

The local Insurance Broker benefits by having a trackable system to help to retain and gain Clients, promoting the Insurance Broker’s own website and ensuring that Clients feel that the local Insurance Broker is progressive and pro-active. Insurance and Legal’s system keeps claims local and complements local Insurance Brokers’ own systems.

Benefits to Car Body Repairers, Personal Injury Solicitors, Roofers, Pumbers, etc.

A whole host of specialists who undertake insurance work for local Insurance Brokers will see local Clients bringing work to them, whether it is for a home insurance claim, a car bodywork repair or personal injury matter.

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