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Leading indicator (Business)

what is a leading indicator

A leading indicator is a statistic that predicts trends in the economy or a particular industry. For example, the number of building permits issued is a leading indicator for the housing sector. because permits must be obtained before building begins.

leading indicator

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Financial Terms Canada - leading indicator

one of 11 indicators for different sections of the economy; used by the Department of Commerce to predict economic trends in the near future.

Leading indicator s

These are market indicators that anticipate a change in the direction of the economy.

The index of leading indicator s accurately forecasts the ups and downs of the business cycle. Such indicators include employment, company profits and certain commodity prices.

Leading indicator s are economic indicators that rise or fall ahead of changes in the overall economic cycle. They are used to predict changes in overall economic output and activity.

Leading Indicator

A variable that reaches a turning point (a peak or a trough) before the economy reaches a turning point.

Leading Indicator s. A selection of statistical data, that on average, indicate highs and lows in the business cycle ahead of the economy as a whole.

Leading indicator s are economic indicators which tend to change before the general economic activity.


Stock prices

Average work hours in manufacturing sector.

Leading indicator :

Leading Indicator

Definition: A change in a measurable economic factor that is evident before the economy starts to follow a specific trend.

Leading indicator s

Asset price bubbles are easy to identify after they have burst, but difficult to distinguish before that happens. In the October 2009 World Economic Outlook, IMF economists warn that "even

the best leading indicator s of asset price busts are imperfect"[12].

Leading indicator s

Economic crystal balls. Also known as cyclical ­indicators, these are groups of statistics that point to the future direction of the economy and the BUSINESS CYCLE.

Leading indicator

A change in a measurable economic factor that is evident before the economy starts to follow a specific trend.

Leading and lagging

Refers to timing of cash flows within a corporation.

Leading Indicator s

Economic variables which are seen as anticipatory of future trends or expectations (e.g. share prices, currency movements), as opposed to indicators which are based on retrospective or historical statistics. (Opposite of Lagging Indicator s).

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Leading indicator. An economic indicator or signal that is in the forefront of changes in economic activity. Stock prices are an example of a leading indicator.

Leading Indicator - A particular measure of a country's economic activity, used to predict near future economic trends.

Leading indicator s - Series of indicators that tend to predict future changes in economic activity.

Lead time - The time in between placing the order and the delivery of goods.

Leakages - Those parts of national income not used for consumption i.e. net taxes, saving. and imports.

Leading indicator

Leading indicator s are statistics which are used to forecast how the economy will be performing in the future. Examples are unemployment rate s, commodity prices. housing starts. inflation, bankruptcies, etc.


Leading indicator s. Economic variables that tend to change before real GDP changes. Since these are

changes that occur before changes in output occur, they are used to predict future output. However,

leading indicator s can be very unstable.

3. Leading indicator s forecast changes in the economy

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