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What happens at a workers compensation mediation hearing in pa?

what is a mediation statement

Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Richard Alan Jaffe

Workers' Compensation Lawyer

From the information you have provided, it appears as if you are represented by counsel, and therefore, these questions should be posed to your Attorney as he or she would be in the best position to provide you with appropriate answers. If you are not represented by counsel, it is imperative that you immediately contact and Attorney who is experienced in handling Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claims to assist you with this process.

Although the Mediation Conference is considered "mandatory" it is not binding upon either party and more often than not it has been my experience that the "mandatory" Mediation Conferences are less successful than those scheduled voluntarily by the parties.

The purpose of the Mediation Conference is to attempt to settle the Workers Compensation Case and/or resolve a portion of the claim and narrow the issues to be decided by the Workers Compensation Judge. It will be heard by a Workers Compensation Judge who will not decide your case and will attempt to facilitate a settlement by discussing your case with each party separately and on occasion together.

Although you may be correct that the Workers Compensation Carrier has violated the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act by "illegally" stopping your check the Mediating Judge does not have the authority to Order the Workers Compensation Carrier

to reinstate your benefits, although the Judge makes strongly urge them to do so.

As noted above, if represented by counsel I suggest you contact your Attorney to discuss these issues in greater detail so that you will be prepared for the Mediation Conference. If not represented by counsel you should immediately contact an Attorney experienced in handling Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claims to secure a consultation and determine your rights pursuant to the Act. Most Attorneys handling Workers Compensation Cases do not charge for the initial consultation and will accept your claim on a Contingent Fee Basis.

This answer to your legal inquiry is based upon the limited facts stated in your question. Accurate legal advice is based upon an exchange between a lawyer and a client. The lawyer can then ask about other facts that may change or confirm the answer. Without that exchange, this reply should be considered limited in value. You should rely on this answer only at your own risk. Direct consultation with a lawyer is always recommended. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship. The answering attorney is licensed in Pennsylvania and all answers are given pursuant to Pennsylvania law, unless otherwise indicated. If you have further questions regarding your issue, or my answer you may contact me to discuss this issue further by calling 215-496-9607 or sending an email to

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