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What is a method statement

what is a method statement

Method Statement Writing Service

What Goes Into A Method Statement?

Method statements must be written by a competent person familiar with the work processes, health and safety control measures and the requirements of a Method Statement.

Method statements should also contain information concerning the order and method of construction with reference to specific work procedures. On some sites method statements are a contractual requirement, requiring submission to the Principal Contractor, client or engineer for approval prior to the commencement of works.

Whilst there are no standard formats for Method Statements, the following aspects should be considered and included in your method statements:

W orking systems to be used Arrangements for access e.g. to roofs Methods for safeguarding existing structures Structural stability precautions, e.g. temporary shoring Arrangements for protecting the safety of members of the public Plant and equipment to be used Fall protection Materials required Hazardous substances Training requirements Health protection arrangements Procedures to prevent local pollution Segregation of specific

areas Procedures to ensure compliance with legal requirements

Method statements may also incorporate information and specific requirements laid down by clients, enforcement officers, the police, local fire authority, manufacturers and suppliers of plant, equipment and substances and health and safety specialists. In certain cases, the method statement may identify training needs for those carrying out the work and the use of competent persons or specially-trained operators for certain activities. If you are unsure if what needs to go into a method statement or how to write your method statements, then do not hesitate to call Safety Services Direct Ltd to enquire about our professional method statement writing service.

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We provide a competent cost effective method statement and risk assessment writing service that will ensure that you always present professional comprehensive method statements to your clients and which will outline the safe systems of work needed to manage your projects.

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