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What is a mission statement example

what is a mission statement example


Best Answer:   A mission statement is vital to any organization. It is the basis for all future activities including policy development, programs and marketing and should indicate the core values and purposes of the organization to both consumer and employees. Any program or project undertaken by an organization should reflect the mission statement.

Here are some guidelines for creating or reviewing an organization’s mission statement.

• A mission statement should state who your organization is and what it does.

• A mission statement should be results oriented, not activity oriented.

• A mission statement should explain the organization’s intentions and priorities to members or individuals within the group and also the general public.

• A mission statement should be short, concise and in plain language.

• Where possible, a mission statement should indicate with who or where the organization operates.

• It is important that your mission statement clearly identifies the purpose and aim of your company as well as its location (in broad sense) and the goods and/or services that you offer.

• Your mission statement should be between two and four sentences.

• It should refer to your company in the third person. Ex. Company X is a … not My Company will …

• Be sure that the tone of your mission statement fits the overall goals of your company. Obviously the mission statement of an accounting firm is going to be much different from that of an alternative rock music store.

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