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Printable Custom Parlay Cards

Welcome to, we enter our 11th Season in 2015 as the #1 Parlay Card Making Website on the Web. Please try our new software 100% Free Now! Email us for details

We feature an NFL, NCAA, Combo Card, Super Combo Card! Try our NEW NASCAR and MLB Baseball Custom Parlay Cards! FREE College Card

  Our cards have now become your cards! You may remove a game, add a game, change rules, odds and spreads! You can simply print the cards we provide each week or change anything you desire. Please watch the demo video below to see just how easy it is to edit and print your parlay cards right from our website. What else is new in 2014? When you purchase our weekly, monthly or season pass you will get access to all 3 cards instead of just 1! You won’t have to wait for us anymore to customize the cards for you, you will have access to print/change the cards at any time. By making our card 100% editable – you may now create parlay cards all year round! Add Baseball, Basketball, High School, Golf, Nascar or just a local game with your friends. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

The New Features of allows you to: [WATCH THE SOFTWARE DEMO VIDEO]

* Remove Games

  * Add Games

  * Change the Spread

  * Change the Payouts

  * Change the Rules

As Always the College Football Parlay Cards is FREE EVERY WEEK. SIGN UP TODAY!

YES. ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE! Just Sign Up. Every Tuesday you can download the newest College Parlay Card in PDF format EACH WEEK!!

*All printable parlay cards are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader  to open & print our FREE NCAA Parlay Cards Every Week.

Make sure the “fit to printable area” is unchecked when printing. Printable areas vary from printer to printer.

People love playing parlay cards and they are very popular in work pools, online sports wagering or just for fun. Pro and College football are the most popular sports for parlay card betting. Below is an example of  how parlay cards work and betting with them.

Parlays are a

popular style of betting because of the higher payouts. Since each individual wager on the parlay card must win, it becomes a more difficult bet and the payouts are increased higher than if you had simply made the individual sports wagers.

Betting parlays allow you to combine several individual bets into a single wager with a higher payout. The full parlay card wager wins if every one of the individual wagers cover the point spread or total on the game. If any single wager loses on the card, the entire parlay card bet is lost. If any of the parlay card wagers is a push or tie, the parlay bet is still good, it just reverts down to the next payout. So, for example, a four team parlay wager would become a three team parlay (and the payout would be reduced accordingly).

Here is an example of an NCAA football parlay card bet. You want to make a 3 team NCAA football parlay bet for 100 units with the following game picks: Ohio State -7, Miami +3, and Oregon -10,  The three team parlay would typically pay 5 to 1. You would simply circle those games on you card and turn it in. So, if all your picks are winners, you would win 500 units. If even one pick is wrong, you would lose the entire parlay cards football wager.

The odds and lines on our parlay cards are the standard sports betting odds put out by the major Las Vegas Casinos every Tuesday morning. To get started and download your Free NCAA parlay cards  SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE  Once you are signed up, you can download the NCAA Football Parlay Card instantly!

If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at   and a member of our staff will reply to your questions right away. Payouts: 3 of 3 pays 5 – 1, 4 of 4 pays 10 – 1, 5 of 5 pays 15 – 1, 6 of 6 pays 25 – 1, 7 of 7 pays 40 – 1, 8 of 8 pays 50 – 1, 9 of 9 pays 75 – 1, 10 of 10 pays 100 – 1

*Parlay Cards are for Amusement Only.

Welcome to

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