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wiseGEEK: What does a POS Manager do?

A point of sale (POS) manager operates around store and shop terminals where products are purchased. A till at a local store would be considered a POS terminal. and the person managing all of the tills would be considered a POS manager. This manager may have many duties such as making sure the transactions go smoothly, ensuring the terminals are working properly, and distributing or counting change and money between cashiers and shifts.

Such a managerial position usually demands a great deal of patience and honesty. A point of sale manager is chiefly responsible for distributing money and change amongst till operators during their shifts, counting money between shift changes, and addressing any issues within the POS process. In busier stores and shopping malls, such a point of sale manager may also be responsible for attending to customer complaints and queries pertaining to the treatment of customers.

A POS manager generally does not need an advanced educational qualification or degree in managerial skills. A high school diploma will typically be the only thing required. In other instances, a number of months or years of working experience at a particular shopping center or a certain skill set are enough to get promoted or hired to the position

of a POS manager.

A person in this position may easily get promoted to a senior managerial position. There are generally many avenues open for a career that a POS manager can choose. Honesty in monetary matters is considered very rare, which is why managers with a good track record are commonly sought after by high-paying companies.

Money handling and counting skills are usually very important assets for a point of sale manager. These managers are commonly responsible for counting multiple tills as well as safes throughout the night and must be able to quickly give change to each cashier when needed to keep the processes running smoothly. Hands-on managers will be doing this type of work during every shift.

Other POS manager titles encompass information technology (IT) duties rather than hands-on work. This type of manager gathers and analyzes data about each POS in order to assess what can be improved. Generally a higher-level manager, this POS manager may travel between multiple locations to instruct individual store managers and employees on new and improved ways of doing business and turning profit. This position may require a degree in an IT field or more years of experience than in-store POS manager jobs .

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