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 Why This Site Was Created

Racism Is White was created to provide Constructive Education, Economics, and Information that will lead to Black Liberation and the Elimination of the System of Racism/White Supremacy.

 The Business of Counter-Racism

Without ECONOMICS, there can be no FREEDOM or JUSTICE.

I believe the mistake many Counter-Racist individuals make — as well intentioned as we might be — is to NOT think of Counter-Racism as a BUSINESS — meaning some believe that counter-racism and money DO NOT GO TOGETHER. If White Supremacy is the most profitable business on the planet — Counter-Racism must fight economic fire with economic fire.

Is Money the “Root of All Evil?

I believe the “Christian” slave training taught to MILLIONS of African slaves by their white SLAVE-OWNERS is largely responsible for the widespread (and often secret) belief among the black collective today that “money is root of evil.” 

Like most traditions, our SLAVE TRADITIONS are passed from one black generation to another.

Despite our tragic obsession with money and material goods, this “training” may also be largely responsible for our collective tendency to get rid of that (evil) money as fast as we get our hands on it — INSTEAD of investing our money in our OWN communities. This (secret) belief system — based on a corrupt and racist form of Christianity — also makes anyone (black) who attempts to profit from their Counter-Racist work — automatically suspect.

Keep in mind that the same (white) Slave-Owners who taught African slaves that it was MORE noble and “Christian-like” to wait until they died to get their “rewards,” did not practice what they preached.

Armed with a whip in one hand and a Bible in the other, white “Christian” SLAVE-OWNERS aided by their mercenary MISSIONARIES sold and bred other (black) HUMAN BEINGS all while preaching the “gospel.”

FACT: AFRICAN SLAVERY was the ENGINE and the FUEL that built America and Europe’s immense wealth — much of which still exists today.

It is time to abandon our SLAVE MINDSET by putting our time, energies, resources, and MONEY into dismantling the System of White Supremacy,  and conducting  the Business of Counter-Racism like a BUSINESS. 

Avoiding “Counter-Racism Tyranny”

You may not agree with everything or anything written here. At the risk of offending some visitors, I will not waste ANY time being politically correct, or tip-toe-ing around certain subjects out of fear of offending someone.

This is a place where I hope we can be HONEST with each other — and give HONEST and CONSTRUCTIVE information, suggestions, and criticisms that will encourage OUR GROWTH from the Victimized to the Victorious SURVIVORS of White Supremacy.

All comments and constructive criticisms are welcome as long as they’re expressed in a courteous manner so we might learn by hearing other viewpoints.

We cannot expect (or demand)

that everyone share our same opinions — and must fight the temptation to allow our Counter-Racist Efforts — however sincere — to degenerate into some sort of cyber police state where people are afraid to express an honest opinion.

I see a very strong possibility of that happening as more non-white people are exposed to counter-racism and subsequently decide they are more “codified” (aka smarter and more deserving of being heard) than someone they judge to be less — which will only lead to one Victim going after another Victim under the guise of “counter-racism.”

Counter-Racism should NOT be about black people telling other black people WHAT to think but giving them the TOOLS and SUPPORT to teach us HOW to THINK for ourselves by FOLLOWING THE LOGIC.  We need not trade one form of (white) tyranny for another (black) tyranny.

Imagine millions of non-white people — armed with knowledge about the system of white supremacy…
Thinking INDEPENDENTLY and following the LOGIC to the best of their OWN ability.

THAT is how NEW revelations, NEW strategies, and NEW solutions are born, so — through TRIAL and ERROR — we can amass an expanding ARSENAL of STRATEGIES — all while moving forward toward our ultimate goal of liberation…

By Building an ARMY of Intellectual Soldiers

That is what the smartest, most powerful white supremacists do: They create, examine, adjust, refine, create, examine, adjust, refine, and create NEW words, NEW strategies, NEW weapons, NEW imagery, NEW TV shows, NEW movies, and NEW forms of mass deception — which is why THEY are winning every game on the White Supremacy Chess Board.

While I see the NECESSITY of having a Counter-Racism Code — that Code MUST be flexible, adaptable, and changeable, because if ANY ONE person had the “solution”to the biggest problem on the planet — RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY —  there would be no need for blogs like this to exist.

This Site is My Independent Effort

According to The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Book . by Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. pg 14:

“The word “Independent” means that each and every individual Victim of Racism is, at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity, “Independent” in regards to his or her choice of methods used to resist and/or eliminate Racism (White Supremacy).”

This blog site is MY Independent Effort as an Individual UNITED with other  Individuals in the Goal of Replacing White Supremacy with a System of Justice.

Any questions, constructive criticisms, or comments regarding anything on this site should be addressed to me, the Site Creator, via the Contact Form .

I hope you will take the time to check out this site and let me know what you think. If you think this site is constructive, please leave a comment, and  join the mailing list to receive regular updates —  and please share this link with others.

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