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What is a puppy broker

what is a puppy broker

Information and links on how to spot a good breeder. and the bad ones.

After an interesting conversation with a fellow Great Dane breeder, I decided to make some changes with the wording on this page. with breed legislation in the forefront and our rights as breeders in jeopardy I feel that more emphasis needs to be on how a breeder manages their program and less on name labeling and finger pointing. Most of us can make decisions for our selves and I think that more people need to take the time to think about who they are getting a puppy from and use their pocket books as the main tool. Don't let over zealous political figures and SO CALLED animal rights advocates make decisions for you.

We put this page together hoping to change the minds through education.

Below are guidelines, stories, links to other web sights.

Something to think about:

ANY Great Dane pedigree with absolutely no AKC champions in it is likely to not be a well bred dog.

Some one that NEVER breeds to a Champion is likely NOT A GOOD BREEDER.

The reason: Responsible Great Dane breeders will not breed to them!

Boasting that a pedigree has 1 or 2 champions in the 4th-5th generation is NOTHING to brag about.

Do keep in mind that Champions from out side of the US are not included on AKC pedigree's.

Truth in advertising: AKC Great Dane Puppies OR AKC dogs in general.

The AKC is not a CLUB.

It is a record keeping facility.

They record and monitor pure bred sports and keep a chronicle of all registered breedings.

There is no "club" to belong to.

There are many people with many opinions on line. We are all entitled to our own, this is America (last check).

However be wary of the breeder that knocks all conventional wisdom.

Think about it: if a breeder refuses to give " the AKC there ransom" and claims this is why they do not have AKC registered litters, be aware that registration fees are VERY low. If the $32 fee is breaking the bank, what else aren't they taking care of? Most likely their disdain is due to being sanctioned or even having there right to breed revoked by the AKC.

Think About it Again: If a breeder knocks other breeders that have health testing performed ( hips AT LEAST should be done in Both Great Danes and Pembroke Welsh Corgis) then the likely reason is they have had dogs that have not passed that they wanted to breed regardless the results.

Think about it once more: Any breeder that bad mouth conformation or any other competition is likely to not have a dog that could ever compete. YES it is a beauty contest, but it also shows that you are breeding dogs that are built like they should be, have personalities you want to see, have no disqualification's listed in the standard. Breeders should be PROUD to compete!

There is no such thing as a Designer Dane or Unique Great Dane colors. they are not worth more.

they are not special, rare or any other descriptive word you can think of.


INCORRECT colors should not be bred, when produced they SHOULD be spayed or neutered and loved as a pet.

MOST of the incorrect colors have no health problems associated with them BUT some do.

Whites ( double Merles) and Pieds CAN have eye and hearing problems ( among other things)

Great Danes come in several colors Black, Blue, Mantle, Harlequin, Fawn, Brindle. Merle, White and Pied can also be thrown in some harlequin breedings.

Any other color is a mix between the family groups or a recessive lurking from the past. AGAIN: Correct and incorrect. When it comes to showing ( and your breeder SHOULD be showing) you can only show correct colors in the ring. There are 6. Merle, White, Pied and any other color can NOT be shown. With in the acceptable colors there are also a wide verity of patterns.

ONE MORE WARNING: If there is no reference to a Humans name, where they live ( especially the state and town) This should be a GIANT red flag.

There are web sights you can go to and run peoples names through to see if they have ever had a charge brought against them for animal cruelty. The sight is not perfect but I do use it on every single person that is looking to get a puppy from me, any breeder that would like to breed to one of my dogs AND anyone that I am interested in possibly getting a dog from.

When I was younger I wanted to work with animals. I volunteered for the local shelters, I worked with wild life rescue and this evolved to working in pet stores. ( shelters and rescue do not pay you, I was a teenager, money seemed important) Though many Pet Stores have evolved, in California there are still many Petlands and other pet stores that carry indiscriminately bred puppies. While I was working these pet stores I was asked to ignore certain signs of sickness, hide problems, lie to prospective customers, forced to sell a certain number of pets ever single week. On several occasions I opened shop to find puppies and kittens dead. I watched as mass quantities of puppies were picked up and delivered from airports. A local vet came and looked them over and if they did become ill we treated them in house, if hospitalization was necessary: they were euthanized. Though I was very young ( under 18) I knew this was wrong. I quit Petland and worked for several other pet stores before I discovered they were all pretty much the same. Where I was you could not work in a veterinary hospital until you were over the age of 18 ( it is actually considered a dangerous work place in California)

Once I turned 18 I saw the other side. I then saw the contempt that most veterinarians have for anyone that breeds. For a long time I thought that all breeders were evil.

When I moved to Texas I was exposed to many different types of breeders. I met Cat breeders that would do anything to for their animals, I learned about health testing and saw heart ache when breeders had to make hard decisions to spay their Champion bitch. I met Veterinarians that showed and bred. I learned more about genetics, fell in love with conformation and obedience training. I found my breed ( though I had already owned Corgis and brought Chelsea with me from California) and began to develop an ethical breeding program. It has not been easy, we have taken our lumps and are trying everything we can to help people that are involved in the breed through kindness and education. You can't change everyone's mind, but we can give you the tools to make your own decisions.

    Newspaper Puppies: why not to buy from the local paper.
    Are all breeders using the news paper bad breeders? No. The sad truth is that most are. Before I had a computer I advertised in the local papers. This was also before I had a waiting list, before I TRULY knew what I was doing, and I was not much of a breeder myself. I had the best intentions, as do many people that start out in the breed. I soon found that not only was I getting phone calls from some very strange people, but I also realized (quickly, thankfully) that some of the people contacting me were fronts for pet stores, auctions and even some whole sale brokers. I sat back and started to LOOK at the adds in the paper. I noticed some strange things.

When you look in the paper for a puppy, look at the phone numbers, many times there is the same number over and over again for several different breeds: were do you think MASS PRODUCERS advertise?

Swap Meet Puppies, Flea Market Puppies, Puppies sold in parking lots,


This was an awakening.

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