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What time is the World Cup draw? All you need to know as the qualifying groups for Russia 2018 are decided

England and Wales are both top seeds for the European section of the draw, here's everything else you need to know

Where is it being held?

Where can I watch it?

What's the draw for?

The draw will decide the qualifying groups for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In total, 141 teams will be in the draw - Russia have already qualified because they're hosting the tournament.


Prepared: England have performed well in their Euro 2016 qualifying

How does the European draw work?

The 52 European nations involved will make up nine groups. The

nine top seeds, which include England and Wales, will all be in separate groups.

The rest of the teams will be drawn to make up the other members of the nine groups. There will be seven groups with six teams and two with five. For the sake of TV broadcasting purposes, England will be in a group of six teams.

Each of the nine group winners will progress to the World Cup, while the eight best runners-up will play qualification matches against each other.


Progress: Wales are one of the nine top seeds for the European draw

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