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Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

what is a safe work method statement

Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

We get asked a lot about Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) so here is a quick bit of useful info and a free template from ACRIS SERVICES to assist.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are required for any company performing high risk activities onsite. This could be a subcontractor or the principal contractor employing their own staff to perform some. A typical example would be a building company with their own carpenters. An activity is deemed to be high risk by the principal contractor and not the legislation.

If you need Safe Work Method Statement to cover your activities onsite we have a template you may use free of charge. This is a 5 page document that can be filled in with,

  • Company details,
  • Project details,
  • Protective equipment list,
  • Possible hazard list,
  • Rating,
  • Control measures,
  • Revised rating
  • and much more.

The document can be downloaded using this link, Download SWMS

Filling In The Template

Step 1 – List the High Risk Activities

If you need help figuring out what the high risk activities might be for your company, take a look at the ones we produce. These are fully completed WMS’s that we sell to companies but you are welcome to browse the list to help with compiling your own document by clicking on the link below.

Step 2 – List the Hazards

It is important to list all the possible hazards that are associated with these activities, rate them, put in a control measure and then produce another revised rating. If you

need help putting this together you can view one of our completed Work Method Statements by clicking on the following link. (Please do not copy this one as it is protected by copyright, I have made it available purely to assist with filling in your own form.)

Step 3 – Fill in the Remaining Fields

Now that you have done the hard part simply fill in the remaining fields. Remember, your WMS’s must have the site address on them along with your company details including ABN so this means one WMS for each site.

Step 4 – Obtain Sign Off From Your Employees

Protect yourself as well as your employees. Ensure every employee reads your SWMS and understands it. You must then get a signature to prove they have been inducted. Make sure you do this for each job.

Step 5 – Sign, Date & Submit

This is the part that generally gets forgotten but it is critical to avoid a legal loophole for the lawyers. Obtain a copy of the Site Safety Management Plan from the principal contractor and ensure it is signed and dated. If you do not do this you are not legally permitted onsite. Now you sign and date your own WMS.

Legally a WMS can only be prepared in conjunction with the SSMP. Therefore your WMS must be dated after the SSMP to be valid. Simple stuff, but a loophole the lawyers will use against you if you are unfortunate enough to be onsite when there is a accident.

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