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What is a soft swap

what is a soft swap

Quickly sample all the artists featured on SWAP.

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My heart's greatest joy and desire is to calm down and worship the Father, adore Jesus and have fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

The music is electronica, based on ethnic music, drones and soundscapes. My prayer is that you will start to see and hear things that God will reveal to you when listen to the music, because of the anointing

Ascending the Hill is a worship ministry that creates an environment allowing musicians and artists to express their hearts in worship to the Lord.

As you listen, we would encourage you to take the concerns you have in your heart before the Lord, whether its financial needs, emotional needs, or physical needs, take them to Him while you listen. Also take the good things, rejoice with Him over what He

The mandate of Ben & Jodie Hughes and Pour It Out Ministries is to ‘pour out’ the oil of God’s presence and power in the nations through worship, preaching and the prophetic. Their hearts are consumed with passion and love for God and for seeing the manif

Ben's prayer for his worship is that it would cause a shift in the heavenlies and facilitate an intimate encounter between man and the King and Kings.

Bob Kilpatrick writes musical prayers (In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified and others), is heard on the KLove radio network daily and talks about Jesus all around the world.

Reign is an ambient music backdrop for times of prayer. There are six ten-minute tracks (with very slight lulls between each track) that seamlessly flow together for an hour-long experience.

God is busy restoring His creation to Himself and as a worshipper I long to be a recipient and a conduit for this work.

Lifted Meditative

Lion Heart Music is a collaborative community of musicians and artists dedicated to finding the beauty in the present

Love’s Calling is a spontaneous recording created by Brian and Micah Lother. This father and son have collaborated with a desire to “Capture” moments that reveal themselves when musicians play from the heart.

Brian is a fountain releases songs from the deep rivers of Christ's healing love and bring you into the lingering presence of the Lord to feel the longings of Abba's heart

Deeply touching Instrumental Healing music, that moves your heart in a way that you will never be the same again. The melodies are deeply touching and help you find serenity and healing in this busy world. Brian studied at Berklee, Harp and Piano music

Catherine Schane-Lydon

has been a church musician since for over 30 years, her music is her spirit and she dances with each note.

Unto The Hills is an album that was spawned by request. During a service there would be a time that Catherine would play and a familiar hymn would be the seed of the melody. From there it would grow, explore and join yet another. After the service people

Cathy has always loved music and began writing songs in 2000. She leads worship for the prayer and healing ministry at her church, and has a heart for the hurting. FYI: I am not new age! CD baby and iTunes put it in that category--No Christian Instrumen

Releasing The Dove will take you to a place of peace and tranquility. simply beautiful to soak to even while you are sleeping

Cheryl's heart’s desire is for her music to help people experience a real encounter with God, whether in times gathering with others or intensely personal moments of pouring one's heart out before Him.

Songs of worship that speak to and from the heart.

An accomplished flautist and percussionist as well and having professional experience spanning over 25 years as a performer, recording artist, composer and arranger, Chris is most at home expressing himself as a worshipper of God using his instruments as

Beautiful healing violin and piano music originally recorded as prophetic intercession for several people who were ill with either chronic or terminal illnesses.

Cindy Ruakere is a prophetic voice to the nations. her songs push the boundaries of modern worship, combining the power of indigenous sounds with an uncompromising message of mission and prayer.

Karanga is a bold call to the nations from the ends of the earth. Combining indigenous Maori instrumentation with prophetically crafted moments, Karanga is the voice of a new generation of mission and prayer.

Creating music to express passion and inspiration capable bringing others into the full pursuit of God

An instrumental improvisation to inspire personal awakening and intimacy with the Lord

Living as a Bride, loved even in my weakness, makes me want to love Jesus more and more.

Beauty Dawns in your eyes as you gaze on the One who is Altogether

Seeking His Presence

Beautiful instrumental melodies on acoustic guitar. for meditation,reflection,and prayer. a transport into overwhelming peace

High Worship inspired by the Holy Spirit over a series of five worship sessions at The Agreement Center Arllington Texas

Spontaneous High Worship From The Agreement Center In Arlington Texas

Passionate worship, unique song-writing, hearing and releasing heaven’s sound describes the music of Elisha's Request.

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