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What is a spiritual advisor

what is a spiritual advisor

I can teach you how to create a better life.

Feel good - accomplish your dreams - have success in what you desire.

I am known as Unity.

To read about how I came to help others - click on my picture above.

Over 40 Years of In-Depth Research

The Wisdom & Love shared with you in Session, in Workshops & in the Book

is from over 40 years of in-depth researching and connection with Spirit - and it is ongoing.

What you will learn is how to overcome & master your fears and doubts

Spiritual guidance through your present growth.

moving you from where you are now - into where you want to be.

Tools of my Trade

Multifaceted spiritual counselor experienced in multiple modalities.

Alternative & Complimentary Therapies including.

Universal Divine Love - The Grandest Love of All

Ontology - The Nature of Being

Ordained Spiritual Minister - Intuitive Interaction

Messenger in Spirituality & Beyond

Wholistic Healer - Healing the Mind & Body by Awakening to the Soul

Metaphysical Teachings & Deeper Understanding

Holistic Medicine - Nutritional and Illness Guidance

Clarity in Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness Through Positive Thought & Feeling

Reiki Master - Exploration into Alternate Methods of Healing

Reiki Energy Healing - Heart-Thought Consciousness

Guidance Counselor - Life Coach - Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Advisor - Guided Meditation


in all areas of life - both one on one & in group settings

Certified Lymphologist

Most of us are sabotaging ourselves.

We are sabotaging ourselves in our health, our relationships, our jobs,

in our creative ideas, in our new adventures and in the way we look at ourselves.

Are you ready for the truth in one of the simplest ways it can be explained?

I am here to guide & teach you to identify, understand, and master

but you will have to "Enter the Learning Circle" to understand how it works.

This story is about a connection with your. " Sparkle "

Counselor of the Heart

Helping you experience your heart's desire in every way & in every area of life.

Open to the celebration of what life can truly be!

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If there has been a mistake and you hold a copyright, please contact me.

and I will remove your material or gladly give you full credit.

From my heart. Unity

© 2001 - 2015 Counselor of the Heart - All Rights Reserved.

Author, spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor & life coach teaches a genuine path

to enlightenment and healing using a profound understanding of life.

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