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What to buy in Aldi

This post is purely based on my opinion and those of my family . I am UK based so the products may vary from country to country. Please check out the comments below as there are some great ideas and recommendations from people all over the world.

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P.S. I’m totally not being paid by Aldi (or a competitor in the case of the ‘what not to buy’ sections – I just really love Aldi and I know a lot of people worry about making the switch because a lot of the products aren’t what they are used to.


GREAT POST me and hubby are massive Aldi fans when we discovered it when we moved into our own place. I recon we save atleast 30% of our money when we do our shop at Aldi compared to Sainsburys/Morrisons. We

found Fruit and veg amazing especially when you work out when it’s stocked (fridays for our local!) I dont like the pre cooked packet meats but pastrami was our fave (agree with stringy though) We love chicken breasts and lean mince (did as I just eat fish now)I never touch dairy apart from milk as its locally sourced. I just find it very much like yogurts you get abroad (weird) Although cheese is good especially Parmesan and red Lester. You have to be wary for that buzz word *style* as I don’t like cheese that is impersonating my favourite cheeses i.e greek style..

Is anyone elses Aldi take credit card. My hubby did a whole shop planning to pay via credit card due to the date his payday falls every month and got to counter and they didn’t take it. He didn’t have any other way of paying so he just left. I heard from different people that they did/didn’t.

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