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Tight, fixed spreads

what is a spread bet

We charge less, so you can trade for less.

Low-cost trading – tight spreads across thousands of markets.

Transparent spreads and commissions – fixed spreads give clear costs of trading.

Unbundled business model – the essentials done superbly.

If you know your edge, much of what spread betting firms offer are just distractions that generate noise and cost money to provide. Because we’ve done away with them, we can offer some of the most competitive spreads around. And not as opening offers or discounts, but permanently.

Bring your edge to Core Spreads

Generous loyalty scheme

Secure rebates on your trading.

The Core Spreads Loyalty Scheme, unsurprisingly, rewards loyal traders that help us grow. The upside to traders is a

simple cash rebate paid monthly, there’s no release criteria once verified and strictly no gimmicky benefits. We think it’s the best, most transparent, loyalty scheme in the industry.

The concept is fairly simple: every time you trade, follow us or retweet one of our posts on twitter or like us on facebook you generate Core Points.

The level of Core Points at the end of a month determines your rebate % on spread traded in the next month. The higher your Core Points balance the greater the rebate level. Your rebate level can get as high as 25%.

The scheme is available to all our clients, enrolment is automatic and it works seamlessly in the background so your trading will not be interrupted.

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