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What is a Method Statement?

what is a statement

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A method statement is a sequence of steps taken to complete a work task in a safe manner.

The method statement should be written by a person that is competent in the task.

When a method statement is prepared, the risks are identified during the work sequence.

Steps taken to reduce the risk are then determined. Next a series of steps are written down

that are to be followed by the person or persons carrying out the works.

This sequence of steps should include all health and safety aspects,

such as personal protective equipment requirements, tools and equipment, and importantly,

safety related equipment such as scaffolding.

All control measures that have been determined whilst preparing a method statement

and/or risk

assessment should be used as a "tool box" talk prior to the works being carried out.

By performing an overview of the method statement and/or risk assessment during the "tool box"

talk, everyone involved will have a clear understanding of the work to be carried out,

as well as the safe work method sequences and safety equipment required.

Here is a very simple example:- Scroll Down for a more advanced example method statement .

Method Statement for Making a Cup of Coffee

Equipment Needed:- kettle, spoon and mug.

Potential hazards:- Burns from the kettle or contents, electrical shock from power cable/source.

Method:- Ensure that the kettle's electric cable and the kettle itself are in good condition

and that there are no frayed cables or loose connections into the plug.

(In the UK this appliance would be PAT tested - "Portable Appliance Testing").

The kettle will be filled with the required amount of water, the plug inserted into the power socket,

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