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Stock certificate (Stock market)

what is a stock certificate


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Stock certificate

A document that provides proof of ownership of stock in a corporation .


Can a Lost Stock Certificate Be Replaced?

by John Casteele, Demand Media

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A formal document used to record a fact and used as proof of the fact, such as Stock certificate s, that evidence ownership of stock in a corporation.


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Receiving a

is one of the basics of stock investing. You are entitled to hold this certificate personally. However, you need to keep it in a safe place like a safety deposit box and you need to present it if you selling shares of your stock.

I delivered a

to an online trading company appointing them attorney in fact as instructed by naming the online trading company attorney and signing my name on the back of the certificate.

A unique nine-character alpha /numeric code appearing on the face of each

whose price tends to move in the opposite direction from that of interest rates.

When financial institution s lend for consumer purchases such as cars, boats or homes, or for speculation s such as the purchase of

s, no production effort is tied to the loan. Interest payments on such loans stress some other source of income.

. One share of US Steel. for example, was worth $261 in the early fall of 1929, but you could buy it for only $22 in June 1932. By March 1937 it was selling for $126 and just one year later for $38.

record, or

. This will keep your shares from being lent to short seller s by your broker.

Contact the company directly or their investor relations firm if you do not understand something they do, see.

I almost have to laugh as people rip gold as a useless asset. which it is any many ways, but when is the last time you ate your

s or put them in your car to make it run? What could be a greater ponz scheme than the US stock market.

The transfer and commission fees are higher than most discount

online brokerage s but the idea of the site is to have the actual

for display. Many consumers do not realize that you can purchase stock through a broker using any method and request an actual physical

It allows the company to call back, or to redeem, a callable preferred stock at a specific price, the call price. which is print ed on the

s, head of cattle - to the holder at the contract 's maturation date rather than send the cash equivalent (cash settlement ).

If you receive a stock as part of a will where it is issue d to you in a

. you will want to contact a transfer agent. The transfer agent keeps records of the outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person whom it is registered to.

A stock is represented by a "

". This is a piece of paper that is proof of your ownership. However, now-a-days you could also have a “demat' account. This means that there will be no “

s'. Everything will be done though the computer electronically.

For one, the delivery of a

from the seller 's broker to the buyer 's broker and legal change of ownership, normally accomplished within a few days. For another, to record the change of ownership on the books of the corporation by the transfer agent.

s. They replace the real share certificate s with counterfeit share certificate s. Next they sell the real shares back into the Market and repeat the process.

Basically, the clearinghouse will designate 100 shares of Company A to E*Trade and E*Trade will designate those 100 shares as yours. The actual

s are typically held "in street name " and never really need to exchange hands (although you could request that the

s be.

Now that we are in an age where

s are rare, there is virtually no effort involved with a broker keeping track of the companies in which you hold shares. For an investor with, say, $50,000 in asset s, this represents a frictional expense of 1/2 of 1%.


A symbol or pictorial representation of the corporation on a

. Usually a complicated and artistic design, it is meant to make the counterfeiting of

s as difficult as possible.

Certicate issue d by the Bank of England to "discount houses" in lieu of

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