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What is a stock distribution

what is a stock distribution

s still visiting from Trinidad and will be here until Monday. so, of course, I am enjoying time with her.

January 16th. 2014 - Happiness is a state of being, not a physical place.

January 2nd. 2014 - Can you believe it. 2014? Where did the time go? Today, I'm off to Asheville for appointments and will be back around 5 PM. Just a FYI. the Fed is looking how to stop the parabolic action in the market because it’s a fire out of control and they know how parabolic rises end. The NYA Index’s 4 day RSI is now up to 93.76 and is screaming overbought, but money keeps

pouring in. It’s not like the old days anymore … now, the Fed has created an environment where investors have to take higher and higher risks “just to stay the same or to make money”.

December 26th. 2013 - I hope you had a great Christmas. We are still finishing up the Holiday with the kids and now New Year's day is starting to come into focus. 2014 should be an unusually challenging year for the markets.

November 7th. 2013 - We are in Colorado visiting our 2 year old Grandson. Here is Grandma Cindy with Henry.

Just found this picture of the old barn and fields.

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