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Live in Dallas – Custom Golf Clubs are now available for free test play.  Warrior Custom Golf, located in Irvine, CA just about an hour north of San Diego is now offering a special 45-day test play program.  Simply try out their new line of custom golf clubs to see how great they play.  You can test play a full set of custom golf clubs, a set of woods or even a sand wedge.  The choice is yours!  So contact Warrior Custom Golf to test play your free set of custom golf clubs in Dallas, TX.

Here is some more information about the different types of state of the art custom golf clubs that Warrior has to offer.


From 100 to 300+ yards, whether from the tee or the fairway, we have a new custom drivers to launch you straight to the pin. Our newest drivers are 460cc’s of forged titanium with extreme weighting technology combined with a Harrison long drive graphite shaft for longer and more penetrating shots off the tee. And to give you the professional edge, every Warrior custom golf club is custom made to your exact specifications for maximum accuracy, distance, and control to improve your game.

Fairway Woods

From 125 to 300+ yards, whether from the tee, fairway, buried lie, tall rough, hardpan, or fairway bunker, we have a new fairway wood to launch you up and out and straight to the pin. Our new fairway woods are progressive shallow-faced clubs combined with specially designed filament-wound graphite shafts to provide the lowest center of gravity for increased control and superior performance. And to give you the professional edge, each Warrior custom golf club is custom made exactly to your specifications. More golfers are reaching for Warrior custom fairway woods because they give the consistency and performance that

produce increased confidence and lower scores.


By moving mass away from the center of the club to well-balanced spots around the perimeter, we lowered the center of gravity and expanded the sweet spot. The sweet spot in most irons is somewhere in the center. With Warrior’s new irons, the whole surface is the sweet spot, making them feel just as solid as other irons, no matter where you hit the ball. They are the most forgiving clubs you’ll ever hit. And to maximize your accuracy, distance, and control, each Warrior custom golf iron is custom made to your exact specifications.

Hybrid Clubs

Play to the full extent of your game. Warrior Custom Golf hybrids combine the best characteristics of woods and irons into one club. Hybrids tend to have the same loft as woods, but their shorter shafts make them easier to control, providing the accuracy you’ve come to expect from an iron. We have designed a hybrid golf club that launches the ball quickly and with much less effort on your part. Pull your tough to hit long irons out of your bag and replace them with Warrior Custom Golf’s new forgiving hybrids. These clubs will give you the performance and confidence you need on even the most difficult shots.


Old world craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology makes Warrior Wedges the most versatile wedge on the market. Designed with tour precision these wedges will give you the tour feel and performance every golfer is looking for whether you’re an amateur or playing on tour.


Warrior Putters are designed with superior craftsmanship to inspire more confidence on the green. Choose your weapon of choice from this array of state-of-the-art finely tuned putters. From a beginner to the professional Warrior has a specially designed putter for you.

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