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What is a theme statement

what is a theme statement

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Posted May 3, 2010 at 7:15 PM (Answer #1)

Before you begin to answer this question you must first remember:

-В  Theme is a subject or main idea of a work of literature.

-В  Theme is NOT plot summary.

-В  Theme statements do not give advice (they do not contain you, should, ought, etc.)

-В  Theme statements should be supported by text throughout the work, not just one section.

That said, here are some notes about how to write a theme statement for ANY piece of literature.

1.В  Make a list of SUBJECTS covered in the text (not plot details but things like, relationships, fighting, growing up, etc.)

2.В  Choose one, or two that seem to relate to each other.

3.В  Ask, "What is the author trying to say about (subject) ?В  *I like to put things through what I call the "cause-effect" machine.В  Make a list of all the things that either caused the subject or the effects of the

subject.В  You use plot here, but by examining the patterns, you can often answer the bigger question: What is the author trying to say about (subject)?

4.В  Answer the question in #3 with a complete sentence.В  This is your theme statement.В  Using words like causes or results in are often helpful.

5.В  Prove your theme statement with examples from the plot.

A final word:

The key to theme statements is to make them broad enough to be universally applicable (ie. to other works of literature or perhaps even life itself) but not SO BROAD that they could be virtually applied to absolutely any work of literature.

For example (Think of Romeo and Juliet):

1.В  Fighting always leads to death.В  (Too narrow in one sense, but too broad when you consider - what kind of fighting?)

2.В  Fighting can be a negative thing.В  (Um, yes, duh.В  Obviously.В  Way too broad.)

3.В  Hasty decisions often lead to unnecessary fighting, which can be disasterous.В  (Just narrow enough, but still universally applicable.)

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