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What is a top loading balance

what is a top loading balance

Chargery has formed a smart balancer product family. which is applied to 2 to 16 lipo & LiFe cells with 100 - 9900mAh. We focus on developing the advanced balance technology to meet different applications. Our next-generation smart balancer will be used for the battery pack up to 24 cells in series.

Chargery is confident to solve any balance problems for any application, either for RC model or for Electric Vehicles.

    The BMS16 uses advanced ADC measurement technology, high accuracy, high voltage and high current detection circuit. The maximum voltage measurements tolerance is within 5mV at up to 16S LiPo battery (69V) Charge/discharge current up to 300A. BMS16 calculate and display the charge and discharge power (Wh), generally the battery rated power is rated voltage multiply rated battery capacity. TFT LCD screen that provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, control status, SOC and temperature and so on. BMS16 features a maximal safety protection, within the range parameters can be setup, BMS16 will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to usersЎЇ setup, out of range of parameters, and trigged absolute maximum ratings BMS16 will force to cutoff charge or discharge to prevent the battery from fire. Minimize the power consumption

    by draw current from all cells or external power supply. Dual power design, the unit can be powered by all cells or external power supply. Detect cell count at any time, and compare with the count detected when switch on first time. If it is not uniformity, the device will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to usersЎЇ setup, the feature can prevent any cell connection from loosing. Sound alarm and LED alarm will be triggered when any warning events happened, and then wait several seconds cut off or NOT charge or discharge. The delay time can be programmed. Charge relay and discharge relay are controlled independently. Two temperature sensors monitor battery temperature on different location. Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port. BMS16 provide users the maximal flexibility, key parameters can be programmed. BMS16 display battery SOC or called battery gauge similar with car dashboard. Cell count, battery pack voltage and battery gauge (%) is displayed simultaneously. In case that the battery pack need not be charged and discharged, Press STOP button enter into sleep mode to save energy consumption. Charge and Discharge is cut off, LCD back light is off. Press any key to resume normal work mode.

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