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What is a unit in sports betting

what is a unit in sports betting

Sports Betting Professor’s Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Sports Betting Professor’s frequently asked questions. Within this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) about the product.

Testimonials, case studies, and examples found at are exceptional results, do not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, don’t apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: For security reasons, I can’t cancel your subscription for you. Just go to and fill out their customer service form saying that you don’t want to continue. They will make sure you don’t get billed again.

Q: Why do you recommend getting a Gmail email account?

A: I just want to make sure that you receive my picks in a timely manner. I know Yahoo and other hosts made changes to their settings not long ago and I’ve heard many of my clients saying they either get my picks too late or not at all. I recommend you sign up for a Gmail account. I use Gmail for my test account, so I’ll always know if the picks don’t go out to a Gmail account.

Q: I’m having trouble opening the PDFs.

A: If this doesn’t work, contact me and I will email the systems as Word Docs. It’s likely you have an old version of Acrobat reader. The PDFs are pretty big.

Here is an error you might see:

Error: “The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”

Some visitors might see this specific error trying to download various materials. Other visitors might experience a blank browser screen after clicking on a PDF link waiting up to a minute for the desired document to download.

We’ve found that downloading the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader solves this issue and enables visitors to view all the content they desire. To download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from Adobe, please select the link below:

Once you have downloaded and installed the new version of Acrobat Reader please reboot your computer and follow these steps to clear the Internet Explorer cache memory. (This will NOT delete your history or your bookmarks)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools-> Internet Options
  • Under “Temporary Internet Files” Select the “Delete Files” Button
  • Wait until the hour glass disappears and Select “OK” to exit out of the window
  • Exit out of Internet Explorer and Reboot your Computer
  • Once your computer is up and running, start another session of Internet Explorer
  • Go and download your PDF file of choice!
  • If that doesn’t solve it, email me and I can send you the PDF in Word Doc format

Q: What time do you give out your selections?

A: For MLB and NBA, the picks are released by 3 PM EST. If there are day games, they are given out at least a couple hours before first pitch. For NFL and NCAA Football the picks are usually given out a day in advance. Occasionally Monday and Thursday night games will be given out the day of, but always before 2 PM EST.

Q: Can I use your system if I don’t live in North America?

A: Yes, I have plenty of European and Asian customers. As long as you have an account at a sportsbook that takes action on American sports you can use the Sports Betting Professor system.

Q: What’s the difference between the picks and the systems option?

A: The main difference is that when ordering the picks, there is literally no work involved. You open your email and it says exactly what teams to bet on. That is a recurring payment: $5 for the first 30 days to try it out and then $47 a month every month after that. That’s very inexpensive relative to what you would normally pay for picks (that can range all the way up to a few hundred dollars a month).

If you prefer to see the research and the statistics, you can buy all 3 systems for $197 and then it’s only a 1-time payment. Honestly I have a pretty even mix between people who buy the picks and those that do both. Some people want the picks and then they want to see where they’re coming from. Others want the system, but will then buy the picks for a month or two to make sure they’re using the system properly.

So, it’s up to you. Keep in mind you can return the systems within 60 days no questions asked if you’re not satisfied and you can cancel the payment for the picks at any time also.

Q: Can you take my money and disappear?

A: As far as you being worried about payment or what have you, I don’t ever see your credit card information, etc. The charge is handled by a third party processor, They are one of the most respected marketplace sites on the Internet. If at any time you choose to cancel, you just contact them and your card never gets charged again. That being said, I wouldn’t proceed unless you were 100% comfortable.

Q: What do you consider the ‘real’ line that you base your picks on?

A: I worked at an offshore sportsbook for 8 years and sometimes the opener can be a ‘false’ opener. What I mean by that is, they release a number, the sharp players bang it up and when the dust settles that’s your ‘real’ opener. This is the number the game stays on most of the week for NFL and for most of the day for MLB and NBA (barring an injury or suspension etc.) and what I consider the ‘real’ number for a game. I also tend to disregard the last hour flurry that happens as well. This is more driven by the public at large and we don’t put much stock in what they think.

Q: What if the line moved from the time you gave it out and the time that I am making my bet?

A: If your sportsbook is showing a worse number then you may have to buy a half point or more to get the desired spread. If you choose not to, and bet the game anyway – just be aware that I will be judging my won-loss record at the spread I get. Or you can lay off and bet the next recommended bet.

Q: What if I have to

buy more than a half point? Is the added juice worth it?

A: I’m not sure there’s one true juice cutoff point. I would look at it more like this. When you buy to the whole point (for example to get to +3 in football) you’ve at least guaranteed yourself a push if it lands on that number.

Q: Is this a progression system of betting?

A: The MLB system is single straight bets only. As far as the NFL, NCAA Football, and NBA, the answer to your question about it being a ‘progression’ system is no … and yes.

What I mean by that is – if you stick exactly to the formula which requires you to follow a 3-step system in some cases then you will hit 90%. If you prefer to bet the games as stand-alone straight bets, you can do that too.

Remember, the system come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied at any time in the first 60 days, just ask for a refund and you get it – no questions asked. Or, you can just try the emailed picks option for $5 for the first 30 days to give it a tryout.

Q: Why don’t you put a letter (A, B, or C) next to strict system plays?

A: I will put an asterisk next to eligible system plays. I do not put the letter next to it because people are signing up everyday. So what might be your Bet B could be somebody else’s Bet A, etc. So that part you will need to keep track of for yourself.

Q: Can you give an example of how the progression betting works?

A: Let’s say your initial bet is to win $100 with standard 10 cent juice.

Bet A: $110 to win $100

Bet B: $231 to win $210 (your loss amount + original win amount)

Bet C: $485 to win $441 (total loss amount + original win amount)

Q: Do you combine NFL and NCAA systems or keep them separate?

A: You must keep the systems separate. NFL only with NFL, NBA only with NBA, etc

Q: What if the first game isn’t over and I’m supposed to make my next bet?

A: I would then suggest making all the system bets for at least the Bet A amount. If the first game wins, then you don’t have to do anything. If it loses you usually can still get in there to make the adjustment to a B or C bet. Also, if the line moves in your favor you won’t have to risk as much to buy the necessary points (if you need to buy any at all). I try to space the games out so this situation never occurs but in the rare occasions it does, this isn’t a bad strategy to use.

Q: How much should I bet on each game?

A: At Sports Betting Professor, I recommend using between 2-5% of your starting bankroll for each wager. Fluctuations in your standard bet will most likely cause more damage during the lows than it will help during the highs. Spreading the risk around in the sports betting marketplace is similar to building a diverse portfolio in the stock market. It lessens the damage done by a rough stretch in the market. If a bettor is starting out with a $100 bankroll, and decides to use $25 wagers, there is a good chance the bankroll would be decimated by an early cold streak. However, if that same bettor makes $2 wagers, he can withstand any early cold streaks to remain in the market and realize positive gains.

Q: If you win so much, why would any sportsbook want your action?

A: Good question and not the first time I’ve received it. If gamblers were known for their patience and self discipline, sportsbooks would be loathe to take my customers. However, those characteristics are not a typical bettor’s strongest assets. The sportsbook knows this. The customer will bet my games, but they’ll also bet their own games, they’ll get into the casino, etc. Not every one of them, but a lot of them. So the risk they take booking ‘my action’ is more than compensated by the fact they know most players will bet half the board.

Q: What’s the average number of bets per sport?

A: MLB – approximately 600 bets per season

NFL – around 40-50 system bets

NBA – about 70 system bets

NCAA Football – between 35-50 system bets

Q: Why don’t you bet parlays?

A: Parlays generally carry a higher house edge than straight bets, which means you give the book a bigger advantage over you when you play them. That, by itself, is reason enough to suppress the misplaced feelings of greed combined with fear that often lead to betting parlays. People think they are risking less with parlays, but they are not. They believe they can win more with parlays, but they cannot. The higher win with parlays is far outweighed by the higher probability of losing. Parlay bettors are actually risking more, with less probability of collecting.

A parlay is not a single bet. It is two bets — a one-unit bet on one team and a two-unit bet on the other. Which team gets the two-unit bet? In point-spread betting at constant money odds, if both teams win or both teams lose it doesn’t matter which team gets the double bet. When one team wins and one team loses, however, the double bet is presumed to have been on the loser. How smart is that for the bettor? Go ahead, make a parlay. We’ll wait until both games are over, and in case of a split we’ll put the double bet on the loser. If your bookmaker sold you a parlay with that line, how many of you would still make the bet?

A parlay is also bad money management. In a parlay you either bet double on the second team, or nothing on that same team, depending upon whether the first game won or lost. That adds an element of luck to your betting that doesn’t need to be there. The skilled handicapper is always seeking to make smart investments. He tries to eliminate the effect of luck to the greatest extent possible in order to make his results as predictable as possible.

If you weren’t able to find your answer here, you can contact me at or call me 1-800-230-2891.

You will get a much faster reply via email.


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