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Ask a Realtor: What Does “Active with Contract” Mean Exactly?

Q:  I keep seeing some listings online that say “AWC” or Active with Contract.  What does this mean?  Is it available or not?

A:  Recently in our Multiple Listing Service there was a pretty major change with the addition of the “Active with Contract” status.  Here’s what it means to you.

When you are searching for a home either via an MLS feed that your Realtor has set up for you, or on a website like – you may notice some homes say “Active” while others say “Active with Contract” or “Pending”. Here’s the difference:

Active   (ACT) – Home is actively available on the market and does not currently have a contract on it. This doesn’t mean the Seller hasn’t received any offers yet – they may have – and its up to your Realtor to ask the listing agent. It does however mean the Seller hasn’t yet accepted any offers presented.  Hurry and go see a listing that is active before it goes AWC or PNC!

Active with Contract (AWC) – This status is often seen on short sales, but occasionally you’ll see it on non-distressed properties as well. The reason “AWC” – or Active with Contract – was created was to allow Realtors to continue marketing homes that were under contract already but have contingencies. Contingencies are things like “bank must approve the sale” or “financing” or “inspections” – things which must be completed or overcome in order for the sale to close.


why does the Realtor want to continue marketing an AWC listing? Two reasons. #1 – sometimes short sale contracts fall through either because the bank counters the offer presented at a higher number, causing the Realtor to have to start all over marketing for a new buyer. #2 – because the Realtor wants to find buyers even though the house is under contract and sell them other Active homes.

Many times buyers ask me is it worth looking at AWC listings? The answer is maybe, but keep in mind if the current contract should fall through, the listing will go back to Active, and it will pop back up in your email notifications, and you can look at it then.  If you really are in love with an AWC home you’ve seen online, your Realtor can always call the listing agent and inquire as to how strong the listing agent feels the current contract is.  If its pretty strong, it may be better not to get your hopes up and move on.

Pending (PNC) – This means the home is under contract and they are not currently seeking to continue marketing the home.  Most contingencies will be removed once a listing goes “Pending”.  Still – if you are in love with a pending house – it may be worthwhile to have your Realtor call the listing agent to see what the status is.

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