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What is an admissible statement

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A confession is a statement made by a defendant in criminal proceedings. They are looked upon as "free and voluntary" and are given the highest credit within court proceedings, proving guilt without need for physical evidence. A confession will be inadmissible should the court believe that it was gained through oppressive or unreliable circumstances, such as through torture, threatening behavior, or inducements or deals being offered in return for the confession.


Hearsay, the repetition of rumor or unsubstantiated information of a third party, is generally not an admissible statement. However under United States criminal law hearsay can be admitted if it falls under certain types of information; namely public records and vital statistics, such as birth records, or recorded recollection of historical information, such as a journal entry.


For a statement to be considered admissible it must be relevant to

the case, i.e. it must either prove or disprove a fact or theory from the case. Secondly, it must not cause any unnecessary prejudice or be considered misleading to the jury, such as circumstantial evidence, for example.



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What Is an Admissible Statement? In criminal law, an admissible statement is one which can legally be presented in court proceedings.

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