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Online trading costs two hours a day

by: Michelle Collins | From: The Courier-Mail | May 20, 2012 12:00AM

EBAY is no longer an "online junkyard" where sellers exchange second-hand items – for some it’s big business.

Gold Coast couple Matt and Amanda Clarkson turn over $350,000 a year from their eBay homewares business for as little as two hours a day.

Amanda says 78 per cent of what is sold on eBay today is new and profits can range from 20 to 45 per cent.

"Once you’ve put in the initial effort, up to 90 per cent of your eBay business can be automated," she said.

The rest of the time, she and Matt teach others how to make money from eBay.

"I failed every business subject at school and I’d never even sent an email before we started our eBay business," Amanda said.

The couple started in 2006 – Amanda was a fitness trainer and Matt, a


They began selling fitness equipment on eBay and were turning over $50,000 a month in three months.

"The business only took a couple of hours to run because eBay is a business that you can automate up to 90 per cent," Amanda said.

Bored, Amanda decided to teach other people how to make set up an eBay business. It took 10 months to write the program and for the past six years the pair have travelled the world selling their message – and the program. Then, her own business suffered a devastating blow – the warehouse where their uninsured stock was stored was flooded.

"Five years of hard work got washed out in five minutes," she said. They started again – this time selling homewares – after three months the turnover was $30,000 a month.

"Anyone can build a new or extra income stream on eBay and start making good money."

The Clarksons will hold free introductory seminars in Brisbane and Ipswich in June and September.

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